ddn 07/29/2014

Taylor Baby Taylor : ddn's user review

«  She accompanies me everywhere! »

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It is a wooden crate Taylor made in Mexico.

Well, not quite anyway: the table is made of spruce, the ebony fingerboard, the rest of the chipboard and sapele (or sapele, a kind of ersatz mahogany) and headstock veneer is Lexan bodies like scale models.
The handle is attached to the body with two screws (yes, with two esses, it's maousses screws) as if you had done to the guitar by your boyfriend what unemployed carpenter.
Frets y'en enough anyway on an acoustic I never play above the tenth fret.
Microphones normally there is none but on mine the previous owner put a Bill Lawrence choking a little resonance of the guitar and sounds great when plugged in, so I can advise you to do the same.


This is a mini-Taylor Wooden crate made in Mexico.

But no, this is just a small guitar, a parlor they say people who know: you can pay your children to / they make their first chords, you can lug around in his gigbag Taylor well Padded caca boudin color, you can play with in bed, on the couch, sitting cross-legged beside the fire, on the terrace, poolside, travel, hotel, camping, the beach, in granny, etc..
The handle is a wonder to my fingers. Not too thin, not too thick, not too wide, it reminds me of the handle of a Jazzmaster. This is what attracted me immediately, comfort handle - plus it is ebony, I do not know at all if it changes the sound but it is ebony wood with class.
Ergonomics is just unbelievably perfect. I play every day, sitting in all directions, lying in bed, slouching on the couch and I can always find a comfortable position.


This is a mini-Taylor Wooden crate made in Mexico that sounds plastoc and that has not serious.

Well no, you see. She does not have much bass, but it sounds very well, much better than the other parlor I tried and you can sing, accompanying himself with having a good sound level. As soon as it exceeds the 8th box sounds like a banjo in the treble and it gives him a folk side / roots really interesting.
It does not sound like a serious and cavernous folk guitar is neither Marissa Nadler guitar or guitar Chelsea Wolfe. But I think if Jess Williamson played mostly acoustic guitar she could play with it.


I have a few months. Before buying I had a Fender Sonoran that sounded good, I liked a lot but was very bulky and difficult to transport.
I searched a long time a good parlor, I tried the Gretsch Americana, Fender Ron Emory, I did not really like the sound but I felt that the size and shape suit me. And then I told myself that Taylor at worst it would sell well and I bought this one on a whim without even trying.
I am very very happy! She is pretty, it sounds good, you can take it anywhere and play with everywhere, she loves children and the key is ebony.
The quality / price? € 200 for a guitar with Taylor wrote above? C't'une joke?

Taylor thank you for your great guitar wooden crate!