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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 19 reviews )
 9 reviews47 %
 10 reviews53 %
Value For Money : Excellent
heads on fire11/25/2011

heads on fire's review"Excellent travel acoustic."

Taylor Baby Taylor
Made in Mexico
Solid Sitka spruce top
Mahogany back and sides
Ebony fretboard
Ebony bridge
Nice gig bag
3/4 size scale
19 frets


The Baby Taylor is a great first instrument, travel guitar, or kid's guitar. With 3/4 size, it is perfect for small hands to learn on. But at the same time, it's not JUST a kid's guitar - it makes a perfect companion to go backpacking or camping, or for flying. The guitar plays very well, and as a great bonus for adults with larger hands, the fret reach is out of this world, so chords that were previously unplayable on a larger instrument are now ready to be unleashed! The construction is every bit what one would expect from a Taylor - excellent fretwork, no rough woodworking, string-straight neck.


The Baby doesn't sound as big as a full-sized model, but it doesn't sound like a ukulele either. It is very bright and crisp, as one could expect from a guitar this size. It will certainly do the job well enough to satisfy anyone that buys it. One thing that is a small bummer is that it doesn't sound that great being tuned down. The strings don't hold tension enough to make it a feasible option to tune down. On the converse, however, it sounds great being tuned up! I tuned it up to F# and it sounded sublime, almost as if the guitar was made just for that tuning. If you get one of these, or try it out, try to tune it in F# or even G and see how neat the sound is!


I like this guitar for the craftsmanship and quality, and for the ease of playability. The option of having a guitar that is easy to take along on trips is also a bonus. Most parents aren't going to spring for a guitar in the $400 range as a first guitar for their kids, but for those that do, this guitar is a great instrument that will still remain cool even when the child becomes an adult. I highly recommend this guitar.

mooseherman's review"Solid Tiny Guitar"

Taylor Baby Taylor
This is an american made Taylor acoustic, one that is 3/4 the size of most of their guitars. This makes it ideal for young children who want to learn how to play guitar, as it accommodates their smaller fingers. There aren't any pickups on this guitar. There are 19 frets on it. The fingerboard is rosewood and feels good. The bridge is a standard Taylor acoustic bridge.


There aren't that many high notes on this guitar, and the high ones aren't particularly easy to get to. But this is an acoustic that most likely won't be getting used for leads, so this isn't that much of a problem. The sound is pretty, it has a full tone for such a small guitar. It's so light and easy to carry that it's very much a fun guitar to have.


The sound quality of this guitar is pretty good for how light it is. It's basically perfect for a campfire singalong style of playing. It's probably not the perfect guitar to use for recording, mainly because it's small stature and limited frets don't give it the kind of resonance that you need for a good acoustic sound. It fits the styles of playing I mentioned before, mainly the singalong and strumming styles.


If you are looking for a good guitar to be able to bring around with you, or a good guitar for a child to start playing, this is probably that guitar. It's got the right balance of portability and sound/feel. It isn't that expensive so it's usually a good buy. I like using it when I'd rather not play one of my nicer acoustics, so it's useful. There are a lot of traveler's guitars around, but none quite like this one. I recommend it highly.

MGR/Chris's review"Taylor Baby Taylor"

Taylor Baby Taylor
My bands name is Acoustica and we're a 4 person unplugged cover band that plays in the Pittsburgh area. We do tunes from the 70s through the present day and take requests from the audience.

This is a smaller scale six string acoustic guitar designed for small learners and small hands. I've been playing guitar, keys, harmonica, and doing a little recording for about 30 years and now I have an 11 month old son that has an amazing interest every time I am playing around on the acoustic. While he's a little young yet, I couldn't resist this Baby Taylor when I saw it.

I purchased this Baby Taylor from Guitar Center in Robinson Township, PA, near Pittsburgh. It was $289 with a really attractive tan soft shell case with a nice Taylor embroidered logo.

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I'm impressed with a couple things. First of all, for a relatively inexpensive, small scale acoustic it has decent action and is really easy to play. Should be great for my son's small hands. Also, it is amazingly loud and could be used as a campfire guitar. The small scale of the neck and body is also great. The guitar itself is very attractive. The neck is primarily rosewood, but there appears to be some type of pattern to it, so it's not a solid color all the way up the scale. Also, there's a nice laser etched pattern around the sound hole that is tasteful and attractive.

While the sound is pretty big, it's also a little harsh and not really warm - which you would expect. It's not a big deal, really, but just calling that out as you shouldn't expect tone like you'd get from a jumbo or dreadnought. Other than that, I like everything else!

Quality seems very good. Fit and finish are tight and everything is bolted down well. The guitar is very light, but it should be, even though I don't think it will stand up to too much abuse. I'm a little worried about my little one swinging this around.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase. The guitar is well built, it fits the playa, and it sounds pretty good for a smaller scale body and neck. It looks great, was at an attractive price point and hey, it's a Taylor! Who can complain. I would recommend it to others.

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moosers's review

Taylor Baby Taylor
The Taylor Baby guitar is a 3/4 size guitar that has 19 frets. It doesn't come with a pick up, but the one I have has a pick up installed that was put on when I bought it. It isn't inherently acoustic-electric so it doesn't have any setting controls. Having the pick up is nice, but not essential as it sounds good when just played acoustic.


The neck on the Baby Taylor has an overall nice feel to it. Since it is 3/4 sized, the frets are pretty small, and while I have small fingers, someone with big fingers might have some trouble playing this guitar. It is easy to access the top notes and is very light in weight. It has a great sounding tone for a little guitar.


The overall sound of the Baby Taylor is clean and surprising big sounding despite its small size. I have used it for rock and pop, and also proves to be a great guitar to bring around and play solo because of how small it is. The tone is big and its nice neck makes it a pleasure to play. While this guitar definitley doesn't sound as good as some of regular sized Taylors guitars, it does sound better than a lot of regular sized guitars that are in its price range and above.


I've had my Taylor Baby guitar for about six or seven years. It not only is great sounding, but its small size makes it easy to bring around and be ready for action at any moment. It has a nice overall feel if your fingers are small enough and is very well built for the price. I haven't played or even seen any other acoustic guitars at 3/4 size, so I can't compare it to anything similar. The price is very reasonable as you're getting a great sounding guitar that has the Taylor seal, so you know you're getting a good product. All in all I'm quite happy with my Taylor Baby and would recommend it for anyone either looking for a 3/4 sized guitar, or wants a guitar with a different overall look and feel to it than they are used to.
MGR/Derek Mok11/17/2003

MGR/Derek Mok's review"Taylor Baby Taylor"

Taylor Baby Taylor
I played it for a long time in Rudy's Music in Manhattan, but didn't buy it. It was going for $250, I think.

Light yet well made travel acoustic guitar. Has a pretty nice sound. You might even use it for an intimate, strummy acoustic sound on record.

Nothing, really, except that you can't expect to get the volume and feel of a full-size acoustic from this. But that's too much to ask.

Good. The adornments are a little plain, but how else would you get a Taylor for under $300?

I liked this guitar and if I had the extra cash, I would have bought it. It is the only travel acoustic I've played that sounds like a standard-tuned guitar to my ear -- and that's including the Martin Backpacker, the Tacoma Papoose, and the Wechter Pathmaker.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Taylor Baby Taylor"

Taylor Baby Taylor
The Baby Taylor was purchased in Utah for $290 and came along with a hardcase. The top is a Mahogony and it has kept well

. I have had this Guitar for over three years. It is the best traveling Guitar I have found on the market and I have tried just about all of them. It is tuned to E and stays tuned. Contrary to the other review, I believe the it has a great sound and the low ends are very good. I noticed that that player doesn't hear the music as loud as the audience.

It has a simple design and often I note that listeners are surprised by its strong voice.

I hve been very happy with this guitar and I hope to pass it on to my children when they are a little older. In the meantime I plan on using it as much as possible.

The strings on the neck are close together because of its small size and takes a little getting used to. The small neck width is great for little hands, but having played classical guitars for many years, the small neck slows down my picking ability.

Well made, adjustable string height. Good finish and good case.

I would buy it again!!I have had nothing go wrong with this guitar, the tuners are great and it is a fun guitar to play.

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MGR/john friel04/11/2002

MGR/john friel's review"Taylor Baby Taylor"

Taylor Baby Taylor
I am a beginner and I wanted a travel guitar that I could bring on business trips to continue practicing.
I purchased the Baby Taylor (Steel String) at Guitar Center in East Brunswick, NJ. I paid $259 for the guitar and it came with a Taylor Gig bag made for the Baby.

The guitar is 3/4 size, but has standard tuning, which as a beginner I found to be a real advantage. The sound is great and the action is perfect for a beginner. The only shortfall was no pick guard, but a simple call to Taylor customer service and one is on the way.

The missing pick guard was the only thing.

6 string 3/4 size dreadnought made of Sapele Laminate (back/sides) and Sitka Spruce top. It has a mahogany neck and the soundhole rosette is laser-etched.

A great guitar to bring everywhere.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Taylor Baby Taylor (Modified)"

Taylor Baby Taylor
Baby £249 (with hard case)
Fishman Matrix (inc fitting) £130
Bought Baby in Sound Control Glasgow

I thought it would be interesting to amplify the Baby for gigging. It was a slight gamble as I'd never heard an adapted one. Through a PA, it's exceeded all my expectations. A joy to play live, it has people scratching there heads, as they can't believe a tiny guitar can sound so BIG! It's also very LOUD compared to other 'normal' electro-acoustic guitars.

I've had to mark the edge of the fretboard with 'dots' at 5, 7, 9 and 12 as I sometimes found it difficult to see where I was fret-wise under stage lighting.

No problems.

It's fun to play, and very good value.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Taylor Baby Taylor"

Taylor Baby Taylor
Purchased at Guitar Center for $249 for my son.

Good 3/4 size for my son. Nice action. Fun to bang on around the campfire or as a second guitar when a pick'n friend comes over.

Thin sound but what do you expect from such a small box.

Good construction.

Typical Taylor. Nice little guitar well made nice action best option I could find for my sons 7 year old hands.

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ddn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" She accompanies me everywhere!"

Taylor Baby Taylor
It is a wooden crate Taylor made in Mexico.

Well, not quite anyway: the table is made of spruce, the ebony fingerboard, the rest of the chipboard and sapele (or sapele, a kind of ersatz mahogany) and headstock veneer is Lexan bodies like scale models.
The handle is attached to the body with two screws (yes, with two esses, it's maousses screws) as if you had done to the guitar by your boyfriend what unemployed carpenter.
Frets y'en enough anyway on an acoustic I never play above the tenth fret.
Microphones normally there is none but on mine the previous owner put a Bill Lawrence choking a little resonance of the guitar and sounds great when plugged in, so I can advise you to do the same.


This is a mini-Taylor Wooden crate made in Mexico.

But no, this is just a small guitar, a parlor they say people who know: you can pay your children to / they make their first chords, you can lug around in his gigbag Taylor well Padded caca boudin color, you can play with in bed, on the couch, sitting cross-legged beside the fire, on the terrace, poolside, travel, hotel, camping, the beach, in granny, etc..
The handle is a wonder to my fingers. Not too thin, not too thick, not too wide, it reminds me of the handle of a Jazzmaster. This is what attracted me immediately, comfort handle - plus it is ebony, I do not know at all if it changes the sound but it is ebony wood with class.
Ergonomics is just unbelievably perfect. I play every day, sitting in all directions, lying in bed, slouching on the couch and I can always find a comfortable position.


This is a mini-Taylor Wooden crate made in Mexico that sounds plastoc and that has not serious.

Well no, you see. She does not have much bass, but it sounds very well, much better than the other parlor I tried and you can sing, accompanying himself with having a good sound level. As soon as it exceeds the 8th box sounds like a banjo in the treble and it gives him a folk side / roots really interesting.
It does not sound like a serious and cavernous folk guitar is neither Marissa Nadler guitar or guitar Chelsea Wolfe. But I think if Jess Williamson played mostly acoustic guitar she could play with it.


I have a few months. Before buying I had a Fender Sonoran that sounded good, I liked a lot but was very bulky and difficult to transport.
I searched a long time a good parlor, I tried the Gretsch Americana, Fender Ron Emory, I did not really like the sound but I felt that the size and shape suit me. And then I told myself that Taylor at worst it would sell well and I bought this one on a whim without even trying.
I am very very happy! She is pretty, it sounds good, you can take it anywhere and play with everywhere, she loves children and the key is ebony.
The quality / price? € 200 for a guitar with Taylor wrote above? C't'une joke?

Taylor thank you for your great guitar wooden crate!