Larenion 04/30/2012

Taylor Baby Taylor : Larenion's user review

«  The job done, and does it well! »

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Solid spruce top, the rest against plated. Background very bulging. Made in Mexico.
In Taylor, they have saved on the look. With two screws visible at the junction box / sleeve, she lets me feel like a guitar that has fascinated him even tinkered in his garage.
I compared to a mini MARTIN Takamine and especially a small store, point of view of the finish is cheap Taylor.


on the other hand very pleasant to use: run, template, action ...


Its a very average frequency. Even excessive for my taste.

Several people told me they liked the sound of the guitar. I did not understand at first and then I understood. This guitar makes you so comfortable during the game you're in at pace: it sounds, it projects a maximum, no buzz, fingers sit comfortably ...

In fact the sound is not the smoothness and serious good dreadnought. Sorry, but the coloration of the sound is "small guitar". Against it by no shortage of voices.

For me, the beauty of the sound of a guitar is almost more in the way and ease of play, as in the sound in itself. This is the highlight of the Baby Taylor -> it puts you at ease, makes you want to play, and it shows!


For me this guitar completely filled the expectations I had towards her:
- It is super easy to carry around in her beautiful bag well padded,
- She has lived (some stains) and a finish that fears nothing -> I use it anywhere without fear of damaging it,
- She has enough votes to set the mood,

In view of sound and finish, new, I find it horribly expensive. Used on the other hand, this is a good investment.
I secretly dream of a little mass while Martin (a 5-15), but I do not know if it will be as enjoyable to play, especially at Euro 1300 this is completely unreasonable for what it is!