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PRS Guitars news

  • PRS SC 58

    PRS SC 58

    09/26/10 in PRS SC 58

    The SC 58 is Paul Reed Smith Guitars' newest vintage inspired electric guitar model.

  • PRS McCarty 58

    PRS McCarty 58

    09/26/10 in PRS McCarty 58 - McCarty Tobbaco Sunburst

    PRS Guitars' new McCarty 58 pays homage to guitar maker Ted McCarty and the impression he made on Paul Reed Smith as a mentor.

  • PRS Modern Eagle Quatro

    PRS Modern Eagle Quatro

    09/26/10 in PRS ME Quatro

    Paul Reed Smith Guitars' new ME Quatro model electric guitar features PRS's latest "V12" finish, 53/10 pickups, and "Pattern" neck shape.

  • PRS SE Santana

    PRS SE Santana

    09/25/10 in PRS SE Santana - Black

    Carlos Santana's new signature model is the first SE offered with a 24.5" scale length and is also the first SE created using the same silhouette as Santana's revered American-made model.

  • PRS JA-15 Signature Model

    PRS JA-15 Signature Model

    09/25/10 in PRS JA-15

    Paul Reed Smith and Paul Jackson, Jr. have teamed up to design the JA-15, Jackson's first signature model PRS guitar.

  • [NAMM] PRS SE Torero

    [NAMM] PRS SE Torero

    01/14/10 in PRS SE Torero

    Features unique to the new SE Torero and first ever for PRS are the use of a Floyd Rose bridge, EMG pickups, and neck-through body construction, the company says.

  • PRS 30 Combo

    PRS 30 Combo

    12/06/09 in PRS PRS 30 Combo

    Described as an English sound with an American twist, PRS's newest amplifier package, the PRS 30 Combo, is the first 30-Watt cathode biased combo in a series of lower wattage amps.

  • PRS SE Singlecut Korina

    PRS SE Singlecut Korina

    11/26/09 in PRS SE Singlecut Korina - Vintage Amber

    The new SE Singlecut Korina is a guitar with a musical tone, and is the first solid Korina SE model offered by PRS Guitars.

  • PRS Sweet 16 Guitar Amp

    PRS Sweet 16 Guitar Amp

    09/05/09 in PRS Sweet 16

    The Sweet 16, PRS Guitars new 16 watt amp, is now on retail shelves.

  • New PRS 205 Model

    New PRS 205 Model

    08/21/09 in PRS 305

    Based on the PRS 513 model platform, the new 305 model features three PRS single-coil pickups, offering five classic sounds, according to the company.