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PRS Guitar amplification news

  • The PRS Archon in a new 25W edition

    The PRS Archon in a new 25W edition

    10/15/14 in PRS Archon 25 Combo

    Following the 100W and 50W versions, Paul Reed Smith now completes the Archon series with a 25W guitar combo amp.

  • The PRS Archon in 50W versions
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    The PRS Archon in 50W versions

    08/28/14 in PRS Archon 50 Combo

    Archon, the valve guitar amp that PRS launched earlier this year, is now available in a 50W version, in both head and combo editions.

  • [NAMM] Paul Reed Smith’s Archon amp head

    [NAMM] Paul Reed Smith’s Archon amp head

    01/07/14 in PRS Archon 100 Head

    Paul Reed Smith will go to the Winter NAMM Show 2014 with guitars, but also with amps, including the new Archon high gain amplifier head.

  • PRS Experience 2012 Amplifiers

    PRS Experience 2012 Amplifiers

    09/20/12 in PRS Experience PRS 2012 Limited Edition 2-Channel "H"

    To complement the traditional Experience PRS Limited Edition guitars, PRS has spec’d a grouping of Experience 2012 amplifiers.

  • PRS SE Series

    PRS SE Series

    08/18/11 in PRS SE 50

    PRS Guitars announces a new line of PRS SE amplifiers.

  • PRS 2 Channel H

    PRS 2 Channel H

    06/27/11 in PRS 2 Channel "H"

    The PRS 2 Channel H Amp, which was announced at NAMM 2011, is now available.

  • [NAMM] PRS 2 Channel "C" & 2 Channel "H"

    [NAMM] PRS 2 Channel "C" & 2 Channel "H"

    01/16/11 in PRS 2 Channel "C"

    Handmade in Stevensville, Maryland, PRS's new 2 Channel "C" and 2 Channel "H" 50 watt amps feature two channels with independent master volume, treble, mid, bass, and gain controls with global reverb.

  • [NAMM] PRS Recording Amp

    [NAMM] PRS Recording Amp

    01/14/11 in PRS Recording Amp

    PRS is offering the newRecording Amp, a "universal" amp for recording and producing "heavy tones, super clean tones, and everything in between."

  • PRS 30 Combo

    PRS 30 Combo

    12/06/09 in PRS PRS 30 Combo

    Described as an English sound with an American twist, PRS's newest amplifier package, the PRS 30 Combo, is the first 30-Watt cathode biased combo in a series of lower wattage amps.

  • PRS Sweet 16 Guitar Amp

    PRS Sweet 16 Guitar Amp

    09/05/09 in PRS Sweet 16

    The Sweet 16, PRS Guitars new 16 watt amp, is now on retail shelves.