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Mackie Headphones user reviews

  • Mackie HMX-56

    Mackie HMX-56 - moosers's review


    The Mackie HMX-56 is a six channel headphone mixer, primarily designed for use in the studio. I only used one of these for the first time recently as I started working with a new producer who has this in his studio for headphone monitoring. I think…

Translated user reviews
  • Mackie HMX-56

    Mackie HMX-56 - Djezeking's review


    2 years. I tried to manage my bead studio and monitoring is done. A main stereo inputs, one stereo insert went back and 4 mono inputs. 6 stereo outputs for headphones or return. Each slice: 4 knobs to adjust the volume mono inputs on the s…

  • Mackie HMX-56

    Mackie HMX-56 - fgrillet's review


    The multiplication table for home-studio owners! APRS one month wait (mail by land from Canada), I just got it. Well, it was worth the wait, especially since, helping the dollar, this amp my headphone is less than 170 euros, including converter. T…