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Numark Headphones user reviews

  • Numark PHX

    Numark PHX - "Loud and clear headphones"


    Thes headphones give crystal clear sound at a volume that can be heard even when the music from the club or hall is pounding. very usefull cable options so you can choose if you use a curly cable or straight. and you can choose soft velvet cup covers…

  • Numark PHX

    Numark PHX - "A great first pair of DJ headphones"


    The Numark PHX headphones are perfectly designed for a DJ. They have a 50mm magnet high output drivers and close ear cups for isolation. They come with a travel case and have interchangeable ear pads that are made from velour and durable leather. I …

  • Numark Red Wave

    Numark Red Wave - "best under 100"


    The Numark Red Wave headphones are made for DJ’s! They have a very sleek and stylish design, and they come with a carrying case so you can fold them up and put them in to protect them. The carrying case is a soft case though that will just protect th…

  • Numark HF125

    Numark HF125 - "uncomfortable "


    When you put these headphones on, you're in your own world. Whether blasting your way through the pit of Hell in Doom 3 or mixing down techno tracks, the outside world is shut out, and you're alone with some KICKIN' bass and very nice mids and toppy …

  • Numark HF125

    Numark HF125 - "Cheap and Great"


    The Numark HF125 headphones offer you a whole new side of listening to music and DJing with them. They are cheap and their sound and comfort ability are great. The Numark HF125 have a great sound and a very vivid bass sound. These headphones come in …

Translated user reviews
  • Numark HF125

    Numark HF125 - " profitable!"


    8-9 years! (Always the same and 0 breaks!) Cons: the faux leather foam flaking and I have a cabin on the oter grid hp's: clearer sound most: uni-wired notches remain in place (hoops), comfortable foam hoops (very) strong and clear, not saturate…

  • Numark HF125

    Numark HF125 - " Bof bof ..."


    What about ... Let's start with the most: - Very light, very comfortable to wear - Low cost! And especially the least: - A sound disgusting ... It is unbalanced, many low and bad record highs and mids. There is a great lack of clarity, it…

  • Numark Red Wave

    Numark Red Wave - " Numark Red Wave excellent headphones"


    For how long have you been using it? for 2 months What thing do you like most/least about it? most: sound quality, comfort, pleasant to the mix, design, durability cable jack that can disconnect the headphone level to facilitate and protect …

  • Numark PHX

    Numark PHX - " a very good headset"


    I use it for over a year. j I could test the HDJ 1000, 2000, and HD 25 Is that like most prix.Je value and are used everywhere and I enméne (mix of disco, is the concert) and it never fails me. I will not use it to prod the studio and not asser pre…

  • Numark HF125

    Numark HF125 - bohwaz's review


    Even for that price (11 euros) worth very little. The bass is very present, but the midrange and treble are flat, poorly restored. For the same price (and even a bit cheaper), I recommend instead the T. BONE HD660 (9.70 euros at Thomann) which ha…