Numark PHX
Numark PHX

PHX, DJ headphone from Numark.

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Chauve 06/29/2005

Numark PHX : Chauve's user review


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Helmet used for one week now.

Strength: bundle trs well done with a pair of felts supplmentaires, cords and adapters replacement jack / mini jack, ear phones, pro appearance, unbeatable price.

Weakness: trs trsmdiocre sound that gives way too much midrange and treble. The bass is almost non-existent.

J'tais looking for an entry level headset to replace my Sennheiser HD457. The least we can say is that Numark and Sennheiser have two radically opposed: both the HD457 is poorly suited quip fragile little use DJ, as he had an excellent sound. This is exactly the opposite for the Numark.

It's really unfortunate that Numark was not the more polished sound from the headphones, but it may be what explains its unbeatable price ...

I do not Rasht this headphone if it had to be repeated because too sonoritsmdium Submitted broke my ears and almost no bass makes it difficult to stall drives (the bass sound of "cover" those of the headphone).