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Rolls Headphones user reviews

  • Rolls PM50sOB Personal Monitor

    Rolls PM50sOB Personal Monitor - "Great for vocal in-ear monitors!"


    The Rolls PM50sOB Personal Monitor Amp Plus is one of many great, simple Rolls products out there that do one task, but do it pretty well. This box features a mic input, mic through, mic level control, monitor input (1/4 jack), monitor level control,…

  • Rolls HA43

    Rolls HA43 - "Good for what it is"


    The Rolls HA43 is a 4 channel headphone splitter that allows the user to use four headphones simultaneously out of a single headphone jack. Each of the four listeners have independent volume control for their mix, but no other way of changing the mi…

Translated user reviews
  • Rolls RA62c

    Rolls RA62c - " Very well"


    Great product, it's the job well, it's solid, practical ... …

  • Rolls PM 351

    Rolls PM 351 - " Underrated"


    For 125 €, it goes: - DI Box stereo - Headphone Amplifier return staff to a line input mixer, a microphone, an instrument format Jack. I use it to hear my wired ear-monitor. I put my bass, a micro mood to hear what I said on stage, and the mix…

  • Rolls HA43

    Rolls HA43 - Snapboy's review


    - How long have you use it? soon 4 years - What is so special that you like most and least? Very resistant metal case! Stereo sound not breathing very well for use in homestudio …