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Hercules Stands user reviews

  • Hercules Stands GS432B

    Hercules Stands GS432B - "3 guitars have a home"


    I've been using this Hercules Tri stand in my live setup for over 2 years now. I keep a strat, epi les paul and a double neck ovation acoustic on it for all shows. I had to have the first one I bought replaced because of a faulty connection but lucki…

  • Hercules Stands GS414B

    Hercules Stands GS414B - "Simply the best single guitar stand for stage use out there"


    I mostly play at my church's local youth group. We do some crazy stuff on stage (We once ended up with people swinging from the ceiling...), so I decided that I should probably get a decent guitar stand. After researching several options, the Hercule…

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