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Technics Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Technics SU-7700

    Technics SU-7700 - "No regrets"


    It's been more than 30 years since I got it and I've never had a single problem, except from time to time when I need to clean the contacts of the pots. Other than that it has provided good and faithful service for 30 years, even though I've put it t…

  • Technics SU-7700

    Technics SU-7700 - christopheciais's review


    I bought this amp secondhand. I was disappointed with the sound the first time I listened to it, it lacks basses and the sound quality is bad, not pleasant to the ear. Could it be that the capacitors are worn out?…

  • Technics SU-7700

    Technics SU-7700 - "Nice, class A sound"


    I've been using it for two years. Having tried out lots of amps, it comes out pretty good: it's Class A! It makes the room warm up. Wooden sides, black paint with a metallic protection filter on the inside and connected to ground: They don't make the…

  • Technics SL-BD22D

    Technics SL-BD22D - JayDMusic's review


    This is a review of the Technics SL-BD22 Turntable System. I had also inherited this from the basement. When I first started producing, I realized that if I wanted to be like Kanye or Scott, I would need to dive into a major part of production: Sampl…

  • Technics SU-7700

    Technics SU-7700 - nvivo's review


    What a find! I bought it in a secondhand store for peanuts because it was in a very bad shape, the front was dirty, the inside was covered in dust, four inches accumulated in three decades (the old man who sold it to me told me he had it 15 years sto…

  • Technics SL-BD22D

    Technics SL-BD22D - afreddy's review


    I've had a technics SL-DD33 for 10 years I have never replaced the belt, it works perfectly. The advantage of this turntable is that once the stylus has been adjusted correctly, it places itself automatically on the record (45 rpm, 33 rpm, or EP) a…

  • Technics SL-BD22D

    Technics SL-BD22D - kornibus3's review


    I've used this home turntable for about 5 years. Like all Technics, it is very reliable and solidly built, on the condition that you use it for what it was conceived, which excludes DJing, of course. It's my first turntable and I'm very happy with …

Translated user reviews
  • Technics SU-V500

    Technics SU-V500 - " 17 years already !!!!!"


    * How long have you use it? - 17 years! * What is the particular feature you like best and least? + Good power, plenty of connectivity, Excellent sound quality - To quibble, a flashing LED on the big volume knob on the front would have allow…

  • Technics SU-V620

    Technics SU-V620 - RickD's review


    Used for quite a few years, amp archi reliable, no worries sizzling or anything like that. Many entries, phono input, what connect two pairs of speakers and then they can turn them on separately or all off to mutate or spend that headphone. Archi pra…

  • Technics SL-1500

    Technics SL-1500 - " Récurentes related failures rheostats"


    I often appreciate the opinion based, but in this case I have to comment: The faults described do not affect the engine running or not, but different rheostat for adjusting speed: they oxidize with time, and the current flowing encounter more or less…