Technics user reviews

  • Technics SM-ZS30

    Technics SM-ZS30 - "Manual needed too"


    hi can anyone tell me where to get at least a pdf of photos of the manual of the sm-zs30? would badly need it and cannot find anywhere. please assist hi can anyone tell me where to get at least a pdf of photos of the manual of the sm-zs30? woul…

  • Technics SH-MZ1200

    Technics SH-MZ1200 - "overall opinion of the technics sh mz1200" has images


    having not been impressed with cheap mixers in the past choosing and using a quality mixer is paramount. after using a technics sh-ex 1200 mixer for years being greedy i decided to buy a pioneer djm600 as this was club standard a the time and i was d…

  • Technics SL-1200 LTD

    Technics SL-1200 LTD - "My Trophy Tables"


    I'm a collector and these, being the Technics freak I am, are just a must have for my Octagon! The octagon, is like a round table of 8 turntables where my all dj band, the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, can get together and practice routines as we all face e…

  • Technics SL-1200 MK2

    Technics SL-1200 MK2 - "Don't sweat the Technics"


    Would DJing have evolved as it did without this turntable? So many pivotal developments in one unit, from the direct drive motor, the almost instant start time, the pitch control, and even the strobe dots. Stone cold design classic, though pretty arc…

  • Technics SX-KN7000

    Technics SX-KN7000 - "This Technics SX-KN7000 has a great sound"


    This Technics SX-KN7000 Keyboard has a great sound to it. It has 1236 instrumental sounds on it and 286 rhythms. I play along with some of the songs on the radio I looked around at some other instruments. but liked this one the best. The only thing i…

  • Technics sx-EX 10L

    Technics sx-EX 10L - "I use to own the Technics EX-10 Organ"


    I had the Technics EX-10 Organ since 1998. It was given to me by a piano tuner, he gave me a Yamaha FM Sound Generater FB01 that came with it as he gave me the organ. I still have it, it`s on top of my Technics PR-305 Digital Piano. The Technics EX-1…

  • Technics SX-KN1500

    Technics SX-KN1500 - "An old keyboard that I wonder if I could still have"


    Well... What do I say about the Technics sx-KN1500? It was for sure the keyboard that I kept for most time on my set until now. I got mine in January/2000 - and I wonder if I could still have it. The onboard sounds were OK, but since it was also a …

  • Technics SL-1200 M5G

    Technics SL-1200 M5G - "Technics 1200M5G is The Highest Quality Turntable / DJ Tool Out There"


    Solidly built these great turntables should last you a lifetime without any problems. They are built like tanks (heavy as a tank too only problem but it too has a function) The torque on The 1200 M5G is slightly stronger than it's lesser counterparts…

  • Technics SL-1200 MK2

    Technics SL-1200 MK2 - "Technics turntables will never let you down!"


    Most of the Djs you can see in the clubs, consider the Technics 1200 mk2 as one of the best turntables a music enthusiast can have. If you are starting to learn the basics of this amusing profession, there is no doubt that the technics products shoul…

  • Technics SX-PR305/K

    Technics SX-PR305/K - "I love the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano"


    There are 7 octaves and has 3 pedals. Key: 88 keys. Key cover: Sliding plastic, simulated woodgrain. Touch sense: yes. Polyphony: 32 notes. Sounds: 180 instrumental sounds. 84 rhythm patterns. 21 demo songs on it. Pedal:3 (room, stage, hall …