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Technics Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Technics SM-ZS30

    Technics SM-ZS30 - "Manual needed too"


    hi can anyone tell me where to get at least a pdf of photos of the manual of the sm-zs30? would badly need it and cannot find anywhere. please assist hi can anyone tell me where to get at least a pdf of photos of the manual of the sm-zs30? woul…

  • Technics SX-KN7000

    Technics SX-KN7000 - "This Technics SX-KN7000 has a great sound"


    This Technics SX-KN7000 Keyboard has a great sound to it. It has 1236 instrumental sounds on it and 286 rhythms. I play along with some of the songs on the radio I looked around at some other instruments. but liked this one the best. The only thing i…

  • Technics SX-KN1500

    Technics SX-KN1500 - "An old keyboard that I wonder if I could still have"


    Well... What do I say about the Technics sx-KN1500? It was for sure the keyboard that I kept for most time on my set until now. I got mine in January/2000 - and I wonder if I could still have it. The onboard sounds were OK, but since it was also a …

  • Technics SX-K200

    Technics SX-K200 - "Awesome oldie!"


    from 1981 or so... 4 octaves, full size keys RCA out, DC in, AC in polysection, 8 sounds monosection, 6 sounds, analogue synthesis (filter cutoff and lfo speed potentiometers moddable-friendly) rhythm/chord section pretty interesting, …

  • Technics SM-ZS30

    Technics SM-ZS30 - "User's Manual Technics SM-ZS30"


    I own the Technics SM-ZS30 about 10 years and I am very satisfied with it's performance. Because of my impaired hearing and bent fingers (DuPuytren)I have given up playing and the Piano (Bechstein) to my daughter. I can't find the User's Manual and I…

  • Technics SX-WSA1

    Technics SX-WSA1 - FP User's review


    Lots of good quality effects. 4 drivers/resonators per patch. Very impressive envelops and lfos (With great routing) good sequencer, if a little complicated. 3 mod wheels and two track-ball controllers. (With 4 parameters each) £240 Second Hand UTI…

Translated user reviews
  • Technics SX-KN6000

    Technics SX-KN6000 - " Intuitive and easy to use keyboard ... and sounds pros"


    5 octaves physical (ability to move certain sounds one octave) MIDI IN / OUT connectors / THRU Floppy 3 "5 Pitch Bend wheels and Modulo Ball "sound check" Color graphics display Many connectors (Line OUT, Microphone, expression pedal, eff…

  • Technics SX-KN5000

    Technics SX-KN5000 - " beautiful ..... !"


    Both very full sound level of connection possibilities! UTILIZATION Impeccable ergonomics OVERALL OPINION excellent quality instrument ergonomics perfect for both the novice and confirmed! 300 euros for hundreds of bands more than credible …

  • Technics SX-KN5000

    Technics SX-KN5000 - " my God! TECHNICS (PANASONIC)"


    TECHNICS SX KN 5000, as it plays a sx kn 3? 5? 6 or 7OOO of technics, as we listen, as we see all the functions, regulate according to arrangements, the potential connections without relying on connections. MIDI connections .. and whose allocation'' …

  • Technics SX-KN6000

    Technics SX-KN6000 - " Excellent ......"


    arranger keyboard quality, we can speak synthesizer also seen that it is completely full, full MIDI and quite rare we absolutely can store all settings and sounds on 16 MIDI channels and change all the sounds, song midi channels understood and settin…