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  • Sony TA-F55

    Sony TA-F55 - " Great music!"


    I acquired a lot, which was not for me, but the buyer does not want to hear about Sony. It is a brand that I do not particularly have an affinity. I tried tons of amps before this one, the list is too long, and everything I've tried, this one is i…

  • Sony TA-N55ES

    Sony TA-N55ES - DjCaylus's review


    15 years of use. Tested many amps Yamaha NAD, Lynn, but also pure power amp Peavey kind, JB system, ... Power amp Sony ES game. Super dynamic. 4 rear connectors. Opportunity to get out in A, B, A + B, A + B mono. Excellent value for money on…

  • Sony TAN-80 ES

    Sony TAN-80 ES - DjCaylus's review


    15 years + Tried many amps powers like .. JB hifi system until NAD or Linn. Particularity: 2/3 or 4 channel amplifis. Dynamic great. "Nul" breath. Quality price ... Achet secondhand, c is one of my best purchases av his brother. I would d…

  • Sony TA-1150

    Sony TA-1150 - " Pre Amp reliable"


    I have this pre amp or should I say this amp for 6 years. I do not find it particularly beautiful but I use it as a pre amp for my driver 2 H / K Citation 19. I prefer my pre amp H / K Citation Eleven since it more punch and bass. Its distortion is v…

  • Sony TA-F60

    Sony TA-F60 - Dom Brunet's review


    Integrated amplifier from 1980 2x75W RMS into 8 ohms! exellente couraging Sony Bought in 1986 a friend who used it in discothque club med in Africa! It runs every day in 4412 to supply monitoring and earlier stages of JBL L26 JBL The great…

  • Sony STR-DE425

    Sony STR-DE425 - parkersburg-wv's review


    Sony jeneral not break bricks issue hi fi (Eventually they are not up to what we can expect) I am seller tv hi fi amp and never let alone an amp hour drive from Sony not impressed me for a few € more you turn instead to onkyo! Sony's heavy and …

  • Sony STR-DE135

    Sony STR-DE135 - kevlarwest's review


    Perfect for use in home-studion, hi-fi. Heated slightly. Trs effective protection. …