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Sony Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Sony SRF-59 Walkman

    Sony SRF-59 Walkman - "Great for FM monitoring!"


    The Sony Walkman SRF-59 is a portable radio device, with a tuner for both AM and FM, a local and distant DX switch, two separate antennas, a convenient belt clip, and much more. It is one of many Walkmans, which were popular portable radios that Sony…

  • Sony XE597

    Sony XE597 - RickD's review


    - For how long have you been using it? A few hours. So i'll update the review at a later date. - What thing do you like most/least about it? The sound is detailed & clear & dynamic, all good! The player is SOOOO SLOW!!! Takes ages to read a disc & s…

Translated user reviews
  • Sony TA-F55

    Sony TA-F55 - " Great music!"


    I acquired a lot, which was not for me, but the buyer does not want to hear about Sony. It is a brand that I do not particularly have an affinity. I tried tons of amps before this one, the list is too long, and everything I've tried, this one is i…

  • Sony TA-N55ES

    Sony TA-N55ES - DjCaylus's review


    15 years of use. Tested many amps Yamaha NAD, Lynn, but also pure power amp Peavey kind, JB system, ... Power amp Sony ES game. Super dynamic. 4 rear connectors. Opportunity to get out in A, B, A + B, A + B mono. Excellent value for money on…

  • Sony TAN-80 ES

    Sony TAN-80 ES - DjCaylus's review


    15 years + Tried many amps powers like .. JB hifi system until NAD or Linn. Particularity: 2/3 or 4 channel amplifis. Dynamic great. "Nul" breath. Quality price ... Achet secondhand, c is one of my best purchases av his brother. I would d…

  • Sony FST-SH2000

    Sony FST-SH2000 - " Is the stereo, that excrement is the fine chocolate!"


    Yeah my brother saw you, you know? Eh brother? The speakers, well they are light, and large buttons used to change the volume is really big brother! Yeah, j'te not lie! As big as my t_be! No ... seriously ... no kidding. The FST is a big sony amp …

  • Sony TA-1150

    Sony TA-1150 - " Pre Amp reliable"


    I have this pre amp or should I say this amp for 6 years. I do not find it particularly beautiful but I use it as a pre amp for my driver 2 H / K Citation 19. I prefer my pre amp H / K Citation Eleven since it more punch and bass. Its distortion is v…

  • Sony RX77

    Sony RX77 - " Incredible!"


    How long have you been using? My father was with the pack "hifi" stereo being the HS I got pregnant the exceptional walk again and again for almost 20 years. Did you try many other models before buying it? Subsequently, yes of course. What is s…

  • Sony NWZ-E350

    Sony NWZ-E350 - gregorysaint's review


    MP3 very friendly and easy to use. Multiple sound settings. 4GB capacity. Ability to store images and videos. Tuner function. To use without moderation …

  • Sony MDS-JE440

    Sony MDS-JE440 - gregorysaint's review


    Md platinum which mode lp. The output level is very good. The format is larger than the size md cd. The MDLP doubles the recording time without any distortion and is perfect listening experience without difference with the source. Really a success! …