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Sony Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Sony MHC-RG444S

    Sony MHC-RG444S - Waldoo's review


    I use this string for 2 years and a half for my CDs, radio, cassette (yes) and also between the PC branch. I love its simplicity of use and sober (no LCD display with buttons and belongings all over the screen) the only "tuning button" if you want…

  • Sony MHC-RG222

    Sony MHC-RG222 - dj ju sourisonic's review


    I do not possde this string because I am DJ but my girlfriend has the MODEL. I find the sound trs good, well rounded bass Acute pretty clear (of course for a string in a block ... I'm used to lments spars for the living room, bi-amplification my room…

  • Sony NW-E003F

    Sony NW-E003F - pirou's review


    I use this little MP3 player for the past one year ... Question product itself, I have nothing to say ... good quality, nice design and screen, simple and fast to use, small, good quality built-in radio ... However, the bulk product defect is th…

  • Sony CDP-M19

    Sony CDP-M19 - Mailpops's review


    I just bought some flea elements Pioneer SA608 amp, Tuner TX608, platinum K7 CTF600, all for € 20. Cleaning the pots and switch, replacing belts, tuning and decoupling of inters, everything works great. Remained the CD player SONY CDP-M19, includin…

  • Sony MHC-RG222

    Sony MHC-RG222 - zobari's review


    Very good hi-fi bass pulsating atmosphere in addition to eight sound speakers are powerful 2 x 100w with woofers and tweeters Daux a unique sound we hear all the instruments I advise all models of sony hifi with their hybrid dual woofers it are even …

  • Sony MDR-RF815R

    Sony MDR-RF815R - finiderire's review


    - How long have you use it? > I use this headphone for several years - What is the particular feature you like best and least? > What I like most is the mobility that I like least is the space - Have you tried many other models before acqurir…

  • Sony cdp-xb-740-qs-

    Sony cdp-xb-740-qs- - safred's review


    Bought in 2001, trs good mcanique (used on some players denon) good output headphone, adjustable by tlcommande, digital and variable analog output its homogne without hardness (except bad cd), severe ample, good dynamic good quality price ratio…

  • Sony MZ-NH1

    Sony MZ-NH1 - von1's review


    I use it since March 2005. I had a Sony MD for 3 years before it. Compact, simple, easy to use, a clean sound, compared to what is today. Remains the high price and software impractical to me. But the storage capacity of the famous Hi-MD is s…

  • Sony MZ-RH910

    Sony MZ-RH910 - girardo's review


    just a problem that is the ongoing creation of indexes when the recording signal is low. So if you're recording through a mixer connected to the line level, sometimes with little level, expect to have unpleasant surprises. If not for the rest all is…

  • Sony CDP-M19

    Sony CDP-M19 - francoisparis's review


    I use it for a long time .... I love its reliability, it does not jump and sounds good, it is tough. I had several plates, of Philips, Marantz and, ultimately, this is the one I keep. We found for cheap, so why deprive yourself? …