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Sony Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Sony DVP-NS35

    Sony DVP-NS35 - gregorysaint's review


    I use this deck dvd only cd player connected to the receiver by the only available audio output, digital coaxial rca. Nothing wrong side of her. Recognizes almost all audio formats. The only downside: the very poor connectivity, 1 rca coaxial digital…

  • Sony CDP 40

    Sony CDP 40 - gregorysaint's review


    Platinum cd called vintage. Fine enough for the time, about 5cm, very heavy, very solid, very reliable. All the functions of a good reader. For small budgets who do not have bp. …

  • Sony DVP-S435 art couture

    Sony DVP-S435 art couture - gregorysaint's review


    Purchased in 2002 to € 450. Slim size of the time, about 3.5 cm thick. Used as dvd cd player without any problems. Price quite high compared to the benefits, no compatibility with CD-R and MP3 for example. on the other hand, equipped with multiple ou…

  • Sony MDR-V900HD

    Sony MDR-V900HD - " A misleading name"


    I use it for 16 months and have not tested other headphones before you buy I like its neutrality (it may seem basseux: before the state return to the concert!) I do not like the spiral wire Excellent Quality / price (€ 100 now it is 180 €) I …

  • Sony MHC-RG333

    Sony MHC-RG333 - " excelente hi-fi"


    - I use it for almost 8 years, with no worries! - Sony is the first model I bought, and if it was pioneer philips, my other previous purchases. - I would have liked to have 2 RCA outputs in addition to those on the front possibility of cut…

  • Sony MDR-XB700

    Sony MDR-XB700 - " Really amazed!"


    I received this headphone, I asked Father Christmas, not knowing really what it was worth ... I knew that the price shot in the 100 € and I was extremely impressed by the quality of the product! It has excellent sound insulation for the little story…

  • Sony MHC-RG444S

    Sony MHC-RG444S - Dj Psychot-X's review


    * For how long have you been using it? 4-5 if I remember right * What is the specific feature you like best, the least? The +: its quality (Sony are really very very good), his practice between phono to plug my PC or my Archos, the Awakening a…

  • Sony WM-D6C

    Sony WM-D6C - Oliviercool's review


    It's been an eternity since I have this little cassette recorder and it is indestructible ^ ^ I already had my famous Marantz CP-430 (or PMD-430) when I am provided. Why then a second cassette player? Because on the Marantz, there was the Dolby B …

  • Sony MZ-NH700

    Sony MZ-NH700 - J.A.C's review


    How is it to mix on this web site (the music to grate it)? …

  • Sony MZ-NH1

    Sony MZ-NH1 - loran.d's review


    - For how long have you been using it? A little over 1 year - What is the specific feature you like best, the least? + Great sound / unload via usb / bcp storage with the HI-MD - Supports more sonic stage, and we are obliged to pass through …