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Sony Other Hi-Fi Products user reviews

  • Sony MDR-V900HD

    Sony MDR-V900HD - " A misleading name"


    I use it for 16 months and have not tested other headphones before you buy I like its neutrality (it may seem basseux: before the state return to the concert!) I do not like the spiral wire Excellent Quality / price (€ 100 now it is 180 €) I …

  • Sony MDR-XB700

    Sony MDR-XB700 - " Really amazed!"


    I received this headphone, I asked Father Christmas, not knowing really what it was worth ... I knew that the price shot in the 100 € and I was extremely impressed by the quality of the product! It has excellent sound insulation for the little story…

  • Sony PS-J20

    Sony PS-J20 - cotto's review


    Platinum very compact - 100 euros ca the fact 33 and 45 course I could resort to my old vinyl reggae …

  • Sony MDR-RF815R

    Sony MDR-RF815R - finiderire's review


    - How long have you use it? > I use this headphone for several years - What is the particular feature you like best and least? > What I like most is the mobility that I like least is the space - Have you tried many other models before acqurir…

  • Sony MHC-RG60

    Sony MHC-RG60 - thug91's review


    I use depus nearly 4 / 5 years ago! what I love most: beauty, sound quality least too much bass but it is adjustable with the groove according to a mix not to put the V-Groove! jme Rapel even more how much I had paid jpense in around 250/300 eu…

  • Sony MHC-RG60

    Sony MHC-RG60 - Bogey Jammer's review


    I use it for 3 years and I can not do without I have especially chosen for its good finish, the Sony brand and "power", allowing me to pter serious. I prcdemment trs a good mini-string of the 80 Sony, which allowed me to apprcier things. The…

  • Sony MHC-RG60

    Sony MHC-RG60 - CMC6's review


    Mini surround chain very good quality. That said pregnant books are medium quality with my opinion; change them !!! if the bass is powerful and its pretty sweet a good monitoring not very expensive …