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  • Sony SRF-59 Walkman

    Sony SRF-59 Walkman - "Great for FM monitoring!"


    The Sony Walkman SRF-59 is a portable radio device, with a tuner for both AM and FM, a local and distant DX switch, two separate antennas, a convenient belt clip, and much more. It is one of many Walkmans, which were popular portable radios that Sony…

Translated user reviews
  • Sony NWZ-E350

    Sony NWZ-E350 - gregorysaint's review


    MP3 very friendly and easy to use. Multiple sound settings. 4GB capacity. Ability to store images and videos. Tuner function. To use without moderation …

  • Sony WM-D6C

    Sony WM-D6C - Oliviercool's review


    It's been an eternity since I have this little cassette recorder and it is indestructible ^ ^ I already had my famous Marantz CP-430 (or PMD-430) when I am provided. Why then a second cassette player? Because on the Marantz, there was the Dolby B …

  • Sony MZ-NH700

    Sony MZ-NH700 - J.A.C's review


    How is it to mix on this web site (the music to grate it)? …

  • Sony MZ-NH1

    Sony MZ-NH1 - loran.d's review


    - For how long have you been using it? A little over 1 year - What is the specific feature you like best, the least? + Great sound / unload via usb / bcp storage with the HI-MD - Supports more sonic stage, and we are obliged to pass through …

  • Sony MZ-NH1

    Sony MZ-NH1 - astroboy56's review


    I use it for over a year. Obviously the quality of sound is irrprochable. The recording is almost more beautiful than in Ralite gnral ... The battery is any evidence of a robust, close to 2:30 and continuous recording with the best quality (WAV P…

  • Sony MZ-NH700

    Sony MZ-NH700 - rafafoune's review


    I use the MD for 2 years, I like his sound clear, tan q'il although there is noise on the line, my first md at the moment, I got this md THROUGH a individual who has lost my malancontreusement software, the disk opens the door to the pleasure of leng…

  • Sony nw-a1200

    Sony nw-a1200 - maliou_1's review


    - How long have you use it? few months - What is so special that you like most and least? The super good this player is the sound quality and headphones (better than the ipod). The small downside is the software is better but having said th…

  • Sony NW-E003F

    Sony NW-E003F - pirou's review


    I use this little MP3 player for the past one year ... Question product itself, I have nothing to say ... good quality, nice design and screen, simple and fast to use, small, good quality built-in radio ... However, the bulk product defect is th…

  • Sony MZ-NH1

    Sony MZ-NH1 - von1's review


    I use it since March 2005. I had a Sony MD for 3 years before it. Compact, simple, easy to use, a clean sound, compared to what is today. Remains the high price and software impractical to me. But the storage capacity of the famous Hi-MD is s…