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Sony Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Sony MZ-NH1

    Sony MZ-NH1 - clav44's review


    I use the Sony MZNH1 since August 24, 2004 and I am happy to read all formats MD, Net MD and Hi MD.Ci this INTERESTED someone, I sell 220 price uros Audiofanzine argus, with all accessories and original packaging are. I plug it into USB on my PC and …

  • Sony MZ RH-10

    Sony MZ RH-10 - brazil's review


    This is only a comparative view with Iriver IHP 120 that I like. Bump with a buddy and gets his catch with sound. The big difference, though, is that it is mandatory to download the software to retrieve the sounds of the MD. I guess that's the …

  • Sony MZ-RH910

    Sony MZ-RH910 - Ristes's review


    For a week. Can transfer from PC to Mini-Dic, even my old MD I have MD MZ-N707 Sony since 2003 Reasonable Unhesitatingly …

  • Sony MHC-RG60

    Sony MHC-RG60 - thug91's review


    I use depus nearly 4 / 5 years ago! what I love most: beauty, sound quality least too much bass but it is adjustable with the groove according to a mix not to put the V-Groove! jme Rapel even more how much I had paid jpense in around 250/300 eu…

  • Sony MZ RH-10

    Sony MZ RH-10 - maxouze's review


    I use it for about four months. Most of the time to record again. I have reconaître the recording quality is very impressive. I also record a concert and we must acknowledge it sounds better on the record the day of performance. I had never use…

  • Sony MZ RH-10

    Sony MZ RH-10 - StefMorilla's review


    I use it for two months. I love the recording quality and ease of use. transfer to the PC via the bundled software is simple and effective this is my first MD The ratio Q / P is honest. I would do without hesitation, since this choice corre…

  • Sony DVP-NS32

    Sony DVP-NS32 - martinc's review


    I've had three months. In fact I use primarily as a CD, although it can of course also read DVDs. Today it is cheaper to buy a DVD drive for playing CDs than buying a CD. For 85 euros you can not be too demanding, but still, the sound is pretty ave…

  • Sony CDP-CX355

    Sony CDP-CX355 - kilgoresmudge's review


    Buy a year ago this device, after some months he did not read some CDs, then he exploded a cd in the rotation of cds and since he does not read anything at all, awaiting Repair Tool for the moment, so trsdu. Otherwise, it is a bit rbarbatif to catalo…

  • Sony K750i

    Sony K750i - ragoutoutou's review


    - How long do you use the A few weeks at the beginning I chose mainly for its phone functions, but it quickly became my standard walkman. - What is so special that you like most and least? This phone comes in MP3 & MP4 player (audio and video)…

  • Sony STR-DE425

    Sony STR-DE425 - parkersburg-wv's review


    Sony jeneral not break bricks issue hi fi (Eventually they are not up to what we can expect) I am seller tv hi fi amp and never let alone an amp hour drive from Sony not impressed me for a few € more you turn instead to onkyo! Sony's heavy and …