Sony FST-SH2000
Sony FST-SH2000

FST-SH2000, Hi-Fi Stereo from Sony.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 04/11/2013

Sony FST-SH2000 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review

«  Is the stereo, that excrement is the fine chocolate! »

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Yeah my brother saw you, you know? Eh brother? The speakers, well they are light, and large buttons used to change the volume is really big brother! Yeah, j'te not lie! As big as my t_be!

No ... seriously ... no kidding. The FST is a big sony amp lo-fi, covered with black chrome ... laminated on a surface we mean. The bass coming out are powerful, but madness, no control, no holding, no ... it's just ridiculous. Mids and highs are screaming dishes. No stereo image between the speakers, which are also rapidly vibrate because their cabinetry is not at all suitable for HP's they receive. The trick EQ features a ridiculous and effects are useless as "flanging" or "Phaser" ... totally good stuff to listen to music in high quality ... pffff ... And the construction, absolutely pathetic, which is in line worthy shit supermarket! I think the only thing good is that you can go with USB. Oh, and no CD, of course ... is exceeded.

Warranty shabby, no pre-sales. You are warned, this is crap.