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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 12 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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gregsguitarlessons's review"Spectacular Over-Ear Headphones"

AKG K 701
Easily the most comfortable headphones i've ever used. They sound decent out of the box, but there is a recommended 30+ hour break-in period that truly does open them up. They would not be the first cans I'd grab for a tracking session, but they are great for a mixing reference. Additionally, they are fun just for music listening. The added stand is a nice touch, as you don't need to hang them from anything. They simply sit on top of my studio rack.

stompboxjon's review"excellent sounding"

AKG K 701
The AKG K 701 headphones are really comfortable to wear. They fit very nicely around the ear and don’t irritate you after you have them on for a few hours. There arent bright and colorful like some of its competitors but it still provides a better than average sound quality for whatever you need them to do for you. You can listen to your ipod with them or even mix and master your songs in them because they do have a “semi” flat sound that will get you a great mix. They are pretty expensive headphones but they will do wonders for you. These headphones can be compared to some of the higher end shure headphones that I really like. I think the difference is with this is that the high’s are exaggerated. When the high’s are exaggerated like they are in some headphones it can really give you a ringing in your ear which I hate! It cant be good for your ear drums. This have a nice balanced frequency and a nice warm clean sounds. Just enough low end and clean mids that fit perfect with what I was looking for. I am very happy that I have the chance to use these headphones. I actually broke then after I had them for a week by accidentally sitting on them but the store replaced them for me because it was in 30 days.

Purchase these headphones if you need a all purpose pair of headphones that can do everything from listening pleasure to professional mixing. These will do the trick. Save up your money if you don’t have it to purchase these. They are well worth the money and will last you a long time. You wont have to replace them unless something bad happens like what happened to me. If you take care of them there is no doubt in my mind, they will last you forever.

zograme's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent value for money"

AKG K 701
I use this headset for less than a year. I tested a lot of headphones being ingéson. I worked a lot on the 7509 7506, 150 DT100, AKG, Sennheiser, and others.

I think it sounds akg headphones (that's good), the typical gloss less. I mean there a defined and balanced, without exaggeration frequency ranges or significant dynamics. The lack of brightness is probably exacerbated by my convertos DA output sound card and headset preamp, so temper. Especially since this headset has a reputation for having rather low back, when I made a balanced level this home.

What we hear in the headphones tend to be found on other tracks, making it an element of monitoring rather reliable. In terms of listening leisure, this headset plays the game very well also. Much less flattering than many models that I could listen to, it nevertheless offers a very nice rendering, and undemanding.

Considering the price of this toy (189 € in thotho), I would do the selection again. In my view, it would cost € 200-300 for such a quality in the competition. So hat, personal I keep preciously, a real pleasure.

I use this headset to compose and mix my songs.
The wearing comfort is very good. I note, however, that I finally feel on top of the skull after a two hours, when my hair cut very short, because of the sky-hoop plastoc. Otherwise very nice.
I really listen to everything, electro ultra loaded bass, jazz funk records of 60-70 years, taken its raw, classic rock ...
The coating of the atria is very silky, very nice. It does not make any sweat or feel a sensation of unpleasant heat as with others. I live in the meeting, and it does not bother me in the summer.

This headphone exudes strength. I will, however, always pay attention to the adjustable portion between the atria and the arch, which is made of elastic.
The jack is unfortunately not detachable. So to ask carefully on the base provided with a notch at the base to avoid bending the cable.
The sun of the meeting somewhat attacked the Carthusian dyeing ear, but otherwise I think this headset is both very well finished and dirt.

This headset works in 62 ohm. We need a minimum semi pro equipment to take its true potential. Personally, I'm running on a c400, so sound card input range. So I put my opinion subject, not having had the opportunity to test it on a gear that is able to reveal its real potential.

The overall record is flat type neutral. It is not with this headset that has the richest, flattering, or a maximum of terrain tracks. The highs are pretty dull, rendering accurate bass but not on the front of the soundstage (roughly the opposite of what features a Beats by Dre). Without particularly tender ear to perceive each element, we see that everything is there, clear and defined, even in the details that we do not perceive elsewhere. And that is exactly what I expected of him.

In terms of insulation, this is absolutely not the point, this headphone is a semi closed.
Means more or less what is happening outside, on the other hand from the perspective of the listener, any vehicle passing by hinder almost always listening.
Made In Breizh06/26/2013

Made In Breizh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very suitable for stereo listening"

AKG K 701
I use it for a year, I tested a few other headsets before, but for audiophile listening, I have a habit AKG.

What I like most about this headphone is the pleasure of listening and comfort, what I like least is its appearance, it is almost as light as a headset Beats.

The value for money is good, and with the experience I would do this choice.

I use the headphones connected to a stereo to listen to music.

It easily adapts to the head and covers the ears perfectly, without fatigue when extended wear, the pads on the ears are nice enough not to give too hot.

I'm listening to the headphones for classical music, rock, pop, techno and electro.

The pads are comfortable, the headband that rests on top of the skull is made of leather with a soft touch.

The headphone is solid.
The cable is not detachable, it ends with a male connector 6.35mm stereo jack, and comes with an adapter to switch to 3.5mm stereo jack (we see more often the reverse).
I've had less than a year, it does not degrade the moment.

The audio quality is nice for audiophile listening (a mellow rather focused on midrange). it is not an analytical headphones, it does not highlights the shortcomings of his, it tends to produce a round.

Sound level is not very high, it is well suited to the stereo.

It is an open headphone, so those around you hear what you hear, so it's a headset to be used at home, all alone, but he did not use it in a place public, unless you want to be part of that filthy headphones bawl in trains ..

Michou91's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellentissime"

AKG K 701
Excellent this headphone. I use it for a month, and that is happiness. Good bass, treble detail and not aggressive, balanced midrange ... No honestly, I have to thank for their wise advice!

Before, I had a Sennheiser, but I found it very effete. There is something else.

Really, AKG knows how to make good products at very competitive prices. And again, I recommend the store cobrason (they also have a website) for advice, hosting, and being able to try all headphones Live!

So I tried a Denon (the one with the wooden earphones), the Sennheiser (not bad), the monster, but one that caught my attention is that AKG!

Excellent value for money: 229 euros of pure bliss!

twinton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What fun!"

AKG K 701
I bought this headphone 1 year ago for 209 euros via a German mail-order site.
My use: for music and videos on the internet, but especially for the practice of computer music: composition, but also to simply play my keyboard without disturbing those around me too.
I tried a few other references headphones: Beyerdynamic, Sony, Sheneiser .. in a store, but none really satisfied me.
The K701 is not available in this store, I finally bought on the advice of users who I trusted, and they were right!
I used a headphone for several years Sony ® entry level, and the difference did not wait!
What I like is the balance of sound delivered by this headphone: a clear and well defined, even in the low present just as it takes to be accurate and not invasive.
I also find the minutes of the spatialization of sound (pan, reverb, etc ...) simply excellent.
Finally, very important criterion for me is that this headset is very comfortable: Despite his size he is very light, its ingenious system of arches provides a good fit on the head loosely and large velvet cushions covered include well ears without crushing them.
It can be worn several hours and almost forget it ...
Incidentally, I also appreciate having the support that goes with it, it's more convenient for storage without damage. It also allows for "exposing" because I think it's finally also a beautiful object combining a fairly modern design (borrowing from Apple style ...) and more traditional with the leather headband.
Defects in, if we find ...
I appreciated that there is a socket for the cable from the headset.
It would not have Deplus black.
It is an open headphone that does not fully isolate and above still leaves make a little noise that can disturb the environment ... but hey it's not the cata either.
To see how the system headband that has many plastic parts will take time ...
Finally, as a small fan, I still winced a bit by paying such a sum for this headphone, but it was soon forgotten! I do not regret buying this headphone shows that efficient, comfortable and versatile, and I hope to keep long.
I would do this choice today without hesitation!


twinton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AKG K 701

twinton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AKG K 701

tofe64's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AKG K 701
I use this headset for a few hours, and not yet honed. But already it promises seriously by the details, expands used a headphone can a flattering, its changes, but I already felt an improvement after 4 hours of running a 3 / 4 power. Even on a samsung yp-p3, the level is sufficient, and CD player with headphones, just happiness.
So we'll judge after a real break.
PS: found at 209 € including postage ;-)

rollandh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

AKG K 701
The top. Not try other Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic but what I mean perfectly matches my expectations. Absolute fidelity to virtually the entire spectrum. The soundstage is clear, super-detailed. It does require many many hours of running. One perceives clearly the sound change as the hours enchainent (count between 250 and 300 hours). Is open it does not pressure on the ears, you can almost forget it (this happened to me once or twice). Now it's happiness. Through a good conversion DA, albums like the black album of Metallica Wakafrica Manu Dibango become incredible. All the details pop ears. Defects as well. Amandine Bourgeois The album was completed in 2 months and we hear very little flaws here and there too many instrumentals on each other. The wind will prevail in Black From 'however, is amazing details carefully measured. Little damper on those who love the bass strong enough, here it is not the case, they are very accurate but not flattering for a penny. So if you look listen more pronounced on that side, I believe that other models or brands will be more suitable. Matter of taste. Plays for my reference in any case it suits me very well. Price not given even when a headphone, but the quality is really there.

edit 30 June 2010:
After several months of use, I find it a tad too hi-fi despite his great qualities. In fact it makes very "listenable" much of what he has, on the sudden we can "appreciate" an overall mix, but to rule in finalizing registration is not necessarily the top. That said it is very space and its frequency band is wide. Plays for pleasure is really cool, and later the "mix" with a little less I find.

M'enfin no mistakes, I do not completely account for resale. On the contrary, its utility is different from what I expected, but it's still a super super headphone.