Sennheiser HD 570
Sennheiser HD 570

HD 570, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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All user reviews for the Sennheiser HD 570

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 11 reviews )
 1 user review9 %
 5 reviews45 %
 1 user review9 %
 2 reviews18 %
 2 reviews18 %
Value For Money : Excellent

diozer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" correct product"

Sennheiser HD 570
Headphones of good quality. Like many people I would say that its strength is its comfort. You almost forget its presence. Earphones velvet marrying the entire contour of the ear. Open headphones, so you get the sound around you. Not very big aesthetic, these are very low compared to the acute shortage of real punch, even if the sound quality is clear. Watch films or listen to music on his computer. Purists will be disappointed or experts is clear.
highly resistant over time.

Embro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quite comfortable"

Sennheiser HD 570
I use it for a few years and if his strong point is convenience (you can keep hours on the ears without many) its weak point is certainly not the top presents serious as I have read in other reviews. It is rather flattering to the classical strings and lack of potatoes for rock. It is a quiet headphone for a while by the fire. Not really a good pro, if not as a means to evaluate a costing particulire.

Marty49's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 570
I had this headset for 2 years, he has a good quality but low prices are too Submitted is missing spatialization. For a modest budget, it may be INTERESTED. But to do good work, you must go to the range above. Now I have a 580 and I can not do without it is much suprieur but the price too.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 570
I i for many years, but I have not used long fault for not succeed as dbarasser in lol

BF too prsentes
must blow up the knob of amplification puor have a corect level c is to el abuse

price quality ratio we find better carmeent

oh no, I do it again this choice jms lol

Miko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 570
The HD 570 is a pair of COST open mid-range, while considrons it as such and not asking the moon!
First observation: The HD 570 is lightweight and extremely comfortable with its velvet Cousinet that wrap completely pinna without support (they are also able to wash Detachable from time to time). Nothing to do with the faux leather Cousinet other models that will warm the ears, and that cause little distracting when they rub the branches of your eye (squint friends, think about it). I often get to wear it several hours a day, without ever feeling the slightest ESG. It is essential that a headphone makes as unobtrusive as possible and it is irrprochable.

Good design, sturdy, I use it daily for the past six years and has not moved all the spices are impccables, including membranes, plugs, and cable (rolled r s often) has never spin. The Detachable cable is long enough and able to stir in his home studio (3m, if you find a short, be reasonable and buy a headphone HF!), Complete with gold-plated adapter 3.5/6.35.

The sound is well equilibrated plutt much better than many other models in this price range that strengthen excessively low end color and the medium. Here is round down, probably because of large Diameter membranes, but nothing serious wrong mix. The highs are fine and prcis (the costs: sharp and brilliant cymbals, spacialisation prcise), with no breath. The COST gnrale s'avre pretty sweet.

[/ b] It is regrettable lack of power [/ b]: 64 ohm impdance is little but a pair of hi-fi COST CONTRL or a mix, it is widely enough. And finally, a grate Pernet of its volume with more precision. Do not ask an open headphone to replace a sound system, plus it's not good for the ears ...
In short, a good quality headphone trs, comfortable and enjoyable to use.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 570
I trsdu of this headphone: far too low, the voices are back and really acute dsagrable after some time of cost (especially sibilants). Too bad because it is comfortable to wear.

Winnerjoe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 570
I have 2 years, it is comfortable and trs does not fatigue the ears. I find it quite prcis, even if the reputable boost a little too serious, I was fine with me. We can remove the cable, for those who are used to walking on the wire! I find this perfect for open headphone costs an hifi and monitoring. and even if not perfectly neutral (considering the price, it must still be reasonable ...), it allows to work long hours without finishing his mix with the headache.

Antony™'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 570
I possde these headphones for 5 years, I had bought to replace my old AKG K280 us everywhere.
A really big dception, the bass is inflated and thus blowing the hollow mdium, far acute.
The cost is deafening and oppressive, a horror!

In short a headset loudness ...

Bigbonobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 570
Never let a push to offer a headphone! Having said that unfortunately I could uitle supplmentaire headphone, it gives me the object. Semi open, it does me no useful record = too repisse into the microphone. Comfort, the pads are enjoyable, but once the cable is too short. Submitted too serious, imprcis, we look a little mdiums, as they are for acute low hissing and Defines. For the price (I look discrtement the catalog), what dconvenue! Especially since I am the happy dpositaire another headphone in the same brand, but I do not know the REFERENCE, because it is a relic of Concord (the plane) ...! Closed ear cups low-Diameter, real serious, real sharp, amazing! If anyone knows the ref, I'd be curious to know if there commercially. On mine, it is written "British Airways" ...

Pc68's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 570
Yes, for t he t test and still have it forever. J'vous said ...
When you're daddy 2 Smurfs who go to bed at 20:30 and that my wife reminds me not to make noise (how a noise? Call a music me), what we do?? MET ON THE headphone!
APRS prambule this, I invite you on the Sennheiser website address for discovering the technical specifications. Then, for the sound quality, I find it really good, even though TRS: total absence of breath even without acute volume lev agressivit tonnament round and low for a headphone. I remember the trials of several brands and I was wondering: How do they do? While a sound point of view, some are out of the race ... Then there was the question of comfort. Difficult to talk about when testing headphones in a store, because we will not spend the night! But this approach APRS, I selected two, and I opt for Sennheiser.
Note that you can buy spices in case (spherical membrane attachment for example) because it is always annoying to throw a headphone because a little piece of plastock lach (v cu on another headphone, sniff!)
Now, in retrospect, I'm not dcu! I wear some long nights, and no cramp in cabbage leaves. Yes, silent quite expensive ... but I can not remember the price (I must find the bill and I will day). Finally, a CHRE does that mean? I did well for 18 months, I use rgulirement without fatigue problem, the sum is largely written off the balance sheet and more than satisfactory; SUPER!