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  • Creative Labs T100 Speaker

    Creative Labs T100 Speaker - "New Creative T100 speakers are a breath of fresh air!"


    Though I'm not a gamer, I've always been impressed with, and enjoyed the Creative line of computer sound cards in my PC's, as they produce a quality sound in music for my iTunes music library. Having been a Bose Companion 2 speaker user and lover the…

  • Focal C800

    Focal C800 - "Focal c 800 kit fantastic value for pro sound" has images


    Still own my Focals 20 years later. Took a year for them to settle in imho, an after that they are so perfect for me. the bass driver likes 1450 w minimum and seemed to respond a bit better to 400W until i changed preamps. all is well. Made them to …

  • JBL L19

    JBL L19 - "A JBL "Sleeper" Classic"


    I recently acquired a pair of these and refurbished them. Both tweeters were dead and the woofers required new surrounds and dust caps. The LE26 tweeters are now discontinued, and rebuild kits are also obsolete. There is an aftermarket vendor who sup…

  • B&W Solid Monitor

    B&W Solid Monitor - "Very impressive little speakers"


    I bough this speakers from somebody that bought them 20 years ago and had them sitting on his basement every since, never even open the original box, I am very impressed of what this little speakers can do along with my paradigm sub 1, not bad at all…

  • Celestion Ditton 400

    Celestion Ditton 400 - "As (positively) surprising as they're little-known" has images


    These Ditton are an excellent surprise. While I bought them without getting any user review first, I found these speakers to be soft-sounding, powerful, very balanced, endowed with a real presence and more redical than other Celestion speaker models.…

  • B&W 804 diamond

    B&W 804 diamond - "very good, too expensive"


    very very good hi-end with clear and enjoyable highs, extremely open midrange which can get offensive and a tight, deep but somewhat confusing bass. all in all very open with a tiny little bit of warmth. very delicate on partnering with amps, sources…

  • Monitor Audio GX 200

    Monitor Audio GX 200 - "One of the best values in hi end today"


    The Monitor Audio Gold GX 200 is for sure one of the best values in the price range up to 7000 $ or even more. It's one of the most elegant designs of today's loudspeakers and beautifully veneered. Bass performance is simply one of the best I've ever…

  • Tannoy Arden

    Tannoy Arden - ":)" has images


    Used to have it 20 years ago, learned a lot out of this speaker. Mine was from 1978. with old, almost dissolved foam suspensions, but still there was no distortion at all. 15" cardboard dual concentric beautiful giant, i was impressed immediately. By…

  • B&W DM4

    B&W DM4 - "Melodious"


    The highs are marvelous thanks to the tweeter and super tweeter. The mids are also very well reproduced. Despite the 4.7" (12 cm) woofer, the lows are deep and correct, surely thanks to the quality of the neodyme speaker. The housing is made of solid…

  • JBL TLX 20

    JBL TLX 20 - "Tight bass and decent music"


    My dad bought a HTS in 1993 with Nakamichi AV-1 amp, JBL TLX 20 and Audio Image UK Reference I bookshelves. Short story, 12 years later - we moved. He put it into storage and I took it out 11 years after. I use it now for stereo 320khz mp3 or F…