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Yamaha Hi-Fi Speakers user reviews

  • Yamaha YSP-3300

    Yamaha YSP-3300 - " Wifi interference guaranteed!"


    Good advice to stay away from products "AirWired» YAMAHA and more particularly the YSP-3300. Binding ownerless YAMAHA "AirWired" thread 2.4 ghz between the bar and the box is a nightmare interference with your wireless equipment, including your In…

  • Yamaha TSR- MS

    Yamaha TSR- MS - " Perfect"


    I bought it along with my Tyros 4. This product is excellent for home, or as a floor. I had these speakers and subwoofer for my PC. There is really suitable for Tyros. What I regret is the switch on the subwoofer. It would have been wise t…

  • Yamaha NS E55

    Yamaha NS E55 - pop-corn's review


    Hello, I used them for 6 years in my first Home-Cinema (Yamaha) in 2000. Yamaha NS-E55 are teams of speakers worthy denceintes CHRISTIAN Gnrale more. Boomers do not descend very low in the grave: it is not their rle! (Up to 80 Hz), but they…

  • Yamaha NS-P 436

    Yamaha NS-P 436 - pgreslin's review


    Like all of the kits of this size and price, the sound is acceptable to make the effects of a film, but not suitable to listen to a music DVD. the subwoofer quickly reaches its limits, and pregnant devices have a "medium high" too aggressive. …

  • Yamaha NS-7390

    Yamaha NS-7390 - cricri147's review


    I use them for 2 years. They sound good but they lack a few breaths for columns. low trs are dynamic and quickly take the distortion. Report price and quality are not too interresting trs Chres for audio rendering. It is better to buy smalle…