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Yamaha Hi-Fi Stereos user reviews

  • Yamaha MCR-332

    Yamaha MCR-332 - " One of the best compact systems on the market!"


    I use this Yamaha MCR-332 for over a year now (Christmas 2012) I tried other compact systems, such as Panasonic SC-PMX5EG-S, or Pioneer X-CM31 but I found no equivalent in performance / design. I love all the finish (Piano Black) and the design…

  • Yamaha Pianocraft e320

    Yamaha Pianocraft e320 - " the small chain that goes up ..."


    My companion was still taped when she came home and she could listen to a CD yet she knew well, a quality which until then was unknown to him. She had just discovered the "stereo". Stingy as not two, it would probably have dislocated the arm than …

  • Yamaha RX-E400

    Yamaha RX-E400 - Syl20-11's review


    I use this channel for many years. I listen to much music, not rock, pop, techno and also I use to play with my computer games car race. I love the sound, very warm, natural, living, deep bass (techno type or RnB) is not his strong point, but g…

  • Yamaha E 600

    Yamaha E 600 - Jams's review


    - How long have you use it? 1 month - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The pros: the quality of sound (trs REALLY good low and high volume), the design simple and efficient, the quality of reading, rear connectors with m…