Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"
Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"

K Custom Dark HiHats 14", Hi-Hat from Zildjian in the K Custom series.

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drumster's review"One of the most versatile dark hats!"

Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"
I have a fondness for darker-sounding cymbals, and the models from Zildjian’s K Custom line are among my favorites. I have owned and played various models from this series, and these are some of the most ear-pleasing cymbals I’ve ever heard. It’s also amazing that they are beautifully handcrafted and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

I have a pair 14” K Custom Dark Hats, which I own and have been playing for over a decade already. I’ve read somewhere that this is said to be the dark version of Zildjian’s classic bestselling A New Beat Hats. And I definitely agree with this. The K Custom Dark Hats has that versatile, full-bodied tone similar to the New Beats, but with a darker voice quality that blends in with the music instead of cutting through.

I’ve played in an R&B / hip-hop band for almost a decade, and I’ve done several pop, rock, and jazz sessions. I’m also currently in a progressive rock band. With the different styles I play, the K Custom Dark Hats can easily fit in. Its dark chick sound is perfect for groove-oriented styles like R&B and hip-hop. Its barking, half-open sound can complement pop and rock styles. And of course, these hats are a natural fit in jazz-oriented styles. I've tried and played similar dark models from different brands, and for me the K Custom Dark Hats is one of the most versatile hats that I’ve ever played. And they sound very good in the studio too, as I’ve proven in a number of R&B, pop and rock recording sessions.

I like how its dark sound doesn’t overpower the music. Like I said, I like how the sound blends in instead of cutting through, which is my personal preference. So if you want some extra cut and power in your hats, I suggest that you get the New Beats or any other similar-sounding model. Playing it with the hi-hat pedal, I also suggest that you put some angle to the bottom cymbal in order to achieve a more solid chick sound.

Just like most K and K Custom Zildjians, my K Custom Dark Hats are also aging gracefully like fine wine. With the logo of my top hat cymbal fading in time, the sound tends to smoothen as it gets older. I also appreciate how durable it is, considering how the medium-thin-weight top and the medium-weight bottom cymbals are holding up. With proper care and playing, these hats can last for a lifetime.

I highly recommend the K Custom Dark Hats to drummers who prefer a dark, solid, versatile hi-hat sound that blends in with the music. It’s a beautiful-looking and even more beautiful-sounding pair of hats. The K Custom Dark Hats may not be affordable, but these high-end hats are worth the investment.

VishNuRoXoUt's review"I can't begin to explain how nice these sound, but I'll try. "

Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"
I've played a ton of cymbals over many years especially a lot of hi hat pairs. These are the best ones I've played hands down. It's hard to explain how great these hi hats are without just being able to show you. I have used them for a lot of R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz and they pretty much own any other set of hi hats I have used in those departments. That said, they are extremely versatile and can still do rock and metal really well. Very nice chick sound, even with the hi hats as tight as I can have them. I do a lot of hi hat work when playing jazz and hip hop and these hats are insanely dynamic. From the edges, to the bell you can find some nice sounds for different applications. Just slightly open they have a very distinct washy sound that I haven't been able to find with another pair of hats. You can achieve some really great dynamics doing a lot of open-close stuff. They are just really pleasing to the ear. Zildjian K cymbals of all kinds are really costly, but I really think they are worth it. The craftsmanship I see in these are beautiful, and like I've said before they have a distinct sound I haven't been able to emulate using any other hats. I had only borrowed these hi hats for a while, but I really plan to buy some when I can afford it. They are just that great. It's hard to go into greater detail with how the hi hats sound, but if you're looking for remarkable sounding hats that are not clunky and can cut through in a mix really well, I would definitely recommend having a look at these. They are my personal favourite and I think they will remain my favourite for some time to come.
esprit frappeur05/04/2007

esprit frappeur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"
I use the hi-hat for just 3 weeks. I played for 10 years on a 13-K "and I know that this kind of book does charley mysteries that after a bit of time. But perhaps playing on a K allowed me to quickly understand all the sounds of these cymbals.
The sound is very very distinctive and can be daunting at first a lot of chopsticks. Indeed, as the name suggests the sound is very dull and very very "dark". The openings in charley are fat but not very "bright". As with all K, the Deffinitions shots and the projection is excellent and it is a joy to enchainner the triplets above.
My previous was a charley Bosphorus Masters series and I had to change it because it was too Jazz typed and not very powerful for my style of play (Rock / Fusion / Funk). It was also much warmer than the K but can "draft" in the definition of blows.
The K Custom is really perfect for my style of game but I do recomand not jazz such as not friendly enough.

When the price / quality ratio, I find it very expensive especially compared to Istanbul / Bosphorus doing charley excellent for much less. Now as I had for not too much I can say that certainly I would do the same choices.