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Thread Featured on xxlmag.com: NY based producer looking for artists, new projects

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1 Featured on xxlmag.com: NY based producer looking for artists, new projects
Hello! My name is RC and I'm a NY/NJ based writer-producer. 
I also work at a music publishing company in Manhattan.
I haven't been on the forum for a while and I'm looking for artists and new projects. I specialize in Hip Hop, and do R&B and Pop tracks as well.
I've worked on several independent hip hop releases and I'm featured on XXLmag.com this month: xxlmag.com/online/?cat=3631
Hoping to find some great talent on this site and hear from you soon.
yo RC! it will be a pleasure working with you man because i want to be an international artist. there are so many hip hop fans in africa, you already know that right? so have you uploaded anything? i wanna listen to some of your hip hop beats lets do this man.
hey RC i would more than luv to work with u please contact me at stbd_thesmoothkid@hotmail.com or 347 992 5851.....i will send u some material so u can see the lvl of my talent
Hey man i'm from Toronto Canada,  writer, producer, keyboard player for all genres; Hip hop, Rnb, Rock, and Pop.  i'm doing stuff up here in Canada but Canada's a hard place to break.  My email address is dannyargyle@gmail.com.  please hit me off hope to hear from you peace

yo rc it would b more than a pleasure to work with you. im a rapper/producer/clubdj  i own my own entertainment company and am looking for more exposure. currently live in concord nh but am definatly looking to expand my fanbase. you can see my work at the following sites...reverbnation(Mindz)..www.myapace.com/mindzii....www.movementbeats.com...good looks fam hope to hear from you soon.