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Hiwatt user reviews

  • Hiwatt 412 Cabinet / SE-4122

    Hiwatt 412 Cabinet / SE-4122 - augur's review


    REFERENCE: HIWATT SE4122 (4X12 CAB) - 1975 - 150W Used with a 50W amp Hiwatt or Orange OR120 head 1 - How long? 18 months Spcificits: - You should know that the SE4122 is the version Guitar / Bass when the 4123 silent for the guitar (by Tho…

  • Hiwatt Fane Speakers

    Hiwatt Fane Speakers - Z3r0's review


    - I use two HP Fane 12 "mounted on a cabinet with a Marshall 1936 head ENGL for about a year. - I love the sound of the HP, they are well defined in the bass, treble Crystaline in a big potato, it's solid and it sounds really well balanced. The so…

  • Hiwatt 412 Cabinet / SE-4123C

    Hiwatt 412 Cabinet / SE-4123C - tynmar's review


    Baffle 200 W (50W 4baffles) HIWATT, mine is apparently not the same as Judas. Only works in 16 ohms. 9 / 10, just for 16 ohms This is a guitar speaker cabinet, it's easy for utiisation, in terms of dplacement .... you have to bring muscles. I…

  • Hiwatt Custom Slave 200 Head

    Hiwatt Custom Slave 200 Head - Krais's review


    Power amp tube 6 lamps 1 entry 1 volume knob 2 switch, on / off and standby no adjustments UTILIZATION One arm is placed in the bottom is not easy. SOUNDS It is a power amplifier and therefore it is not expected to have a sound. Pe…

  • Hiwatt Custom 100 Head / DR-103

    Hiwatt Custom 100 Head / DR-103 - tfugit's review


    A classic of amplification. All lamp of course. 100W. Very heavy. Input 4: normal and bright, high and low. 2 out speakers. Settings-simple: normal channel volume, bright channel volume, bass, mid, treble, presence and voume general. Indestructrible …

  • Hiwatt 412 Cabinet / SE-4123C

    Hiwatt 412 Cabinet / SE-4123C - Judas's review


    4x12 Guitar Cabinet (4 x 75W Fanes). Trs of large (larger than the marshalls, fender mesa boogies and other ...) and trs good sound. However trs weight (too?) Lev: 50 Kg! Ben is a guitar speaker cabinet, so it's easy rgler (hmmmm). Ben the sound i…