HK Audio Linear 5
SeriesHK Audio Linear 5
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HK Audio Linear 5 user reviews

  • HK Audio L5 115 FA

    HK Audio L5 115 FA - " Surprising"


    But can try for good potential Only they already have a big sound pressure that I'm not trying to find the jbl Yamaha DSR 615 and 115 are acute can be equalized a high volume because they can draft one as the other two Very nice achievement Case …

  • HK Audio L5 112 XA

    HK Audio L5 112 XA - " Huge"


    I just acquired, I already have a smart Lucas in HK is why I turned to HK so I'm happy with their product. The linear 5 powers is 4800 w it imposes. Two subs 1200w 2000A and two sats 1200XA 1200 w. The subs are awesome surprises yet the weight is 4…