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HK Audio user reviews

  • HK Audio D.A.R.T

    HK Audio D.A.R.T - "Good Quality monitor"


    Good monitors..Biamped , separate limiters on bass and compression driver speakers. Very good gain before feedback as very smooth frequency response for vocals monitors but not powerful enough for drum fill or bass guitar...understandab…

  • HK Audio Lucas Impact

    HK Audio Lucas Impact - "HK Performer satelites"


    Good technology but they screw up at the assembly line. The lack of midrange is that the coils are putted in reverse.(result Ft is not 2Khz, it's 5Khz) I chabged the driver with B&C DEH360, i didnt invert the coils (Ft=5k) but i have extended the m…

  • HK Audio CDR 108 C

    HK Audio CDR 108 C - "search for HK LINE ARRAY COHEDRA 108 OR CONTOUR"


    INTERESTED IN hK FOR BUY PLEASE INFORM IN MAIL IF YOU HAVE waitng your mail best regard Musa…

  • HK Audio Lucas 600

    HK Audio Lucas 600 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Really good system. I rented it two times for weddings. It's easy to set up with a DJM-500 (thanks to the filters), even if the mids are a bit attenuated, which you can easily solve with an EQ. The only disadvantage of this system is the frequency …

  • HK Audio Lucas Performer

    HK Audio Lucas Performer - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by louif/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hello everybody, I've been using a HK Performer for more the a year as a mobile P.A. system for musicians. I chose it because of its dimensions, its weight and, most of all, its …

  • HK Audio Lucas Performer

    HK Audio Lucas Performer - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by lalanix/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hi, I'm a singer and I've been using the Performer for one year without a single problem. Easy to set up and it has an astounding sound. I'm thinking about expanding it with a PR115X. Y…

Translated user reviews
  • HK Audio Lucas Nano 300

    HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 - " not bad"


    used for 1 year I have not tried other models before most: transport, use (it is electrically and it left branch), speed of installation, it looks solid. least: I think for the price it is not growing enough and lacks a USB port price not ba…

  • HK Audio PL 118 Sub A

    HK Audio PL 118 Sub A - " Correct"


    I just found this bass box that I put with hk pulsar 112. The box lacks power compared to the heads. It also lacks the deep bass. I'm a little disappointed with this product, I had srs1500 mackies before. The mackies had more power, more deep bass an…

  • HK Audio PR:O 12

    HK Audio PR:O 12 - " GOOD SPEAKER"


    1 year of use with Dynacord SL900, replacing Wharfedale Twin12, Peavey PRO 12, very good sound quality, no 'aggressive, happy with this purchase and why not later buying PR O 15 ... …

  • HK Audio Lucas XT

    HK Audio Lucas XT - " LUCAS XT"


    I am using this little system for over three years, domestic, before I'd of rather high-end hifi! amp, preamp ROTEL! FOCAL speakers !!! good !!! about 240 watts of puissance.Avec the XT is that I love the most: listening to the low and medium level! …