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HK Audio user reviews

  • HK Audio Elias PX System

    HK Audio Elias PX System - " Disappointing"


    For the price of the equipment I am disappointed very fragile after using two bass boxes that coward without reason, and without any abuse of our share my behringer amplified even stronger I carry around everywhere and no special precautions for two …

  • HK Audio PR:O 15

    HK Audio PR:O 15 - " Very good sound"


    I use them only for singing and making his violin, percussion. The sound is really good, it sends. I utitise QSC amp with 2 x 500 Watts. …

  • HK Audio Actor DX System

    HK Audio Actor DX System - " Very satisfied on all points"


    I use it for a year and a half. Likes: The sound, integrated digital processor ddo, plug and play, finishes. I hate: the dimensions but I lack of space that's normal. yes I try several models before the actor DX (rcf, dynacord, db technology .…

  • HK Audio Actor DX System

    HK Audio Actor DX System - " Exellent on all points"


    How long you use it? 2 years What is so special that you love the most, least? + Power (especially in low frequencies impresive), sound, weight, quality manufacturing. - Not yet found Did you tried many other models before buying it? Yes, EV, D…

  • HK Audio Lucas Impact

    HK Audio Lucas Impact - Dj-musiqualite's review


    Several months that I use, and a hk audio elias px, very good product very reliable and efficient dispatch it with a super serious sound quality. Good value saw the product I will ever choose hk without hesitation!. …

  • HK Audio Lucas Smart

    HK Audio Lucas Smart - " Excellent small system"


    I use this little system for 2 years, home alone for any type of music. I convinced my son to buy one for home (electronic music) and also spread small grouping the two systems (50-70 persons 2 / 3 of maximum). I use an input mixer (DJ use) with an e…

  • HK Audio Lucas Smart

    HK Audio Lucas Smart - " good sound"


    I have been using a Mackie Thump semaine.Avant I had but too aggressive for use with clavier.J 've tried prodipe 8 but the sound is too neutral for my use. What I like most is its versatility because I can use it with my keyboard for listening and …

  • HK Audio Elias PX System

    HK Audio Elias PX System - " fragile"


    bought in June 2011 and dj in panne.Les satellites do more in the treble, the sound of a real casserole.Je believe you purchased a product of German brand, 5 year warranty for not having a problem, Unfortunately this is not his cas.Le is correct, eve…

  • HK Audio Lucas Max

    HK Audio Lucas Max - " HK Audio"


    I always run with HK: It's true I had some problems, like all brands ... But we must reconnatre that the quality of sound even when HK is fabulous. RCF is also reliable trs but I think there is a diffrence of clarity between the HK and the FCR. …

  • HK Audio Lucas 2000

    HK Audio Lucas 2000 - " Hours of Operation: very good size / power"


    I never possd lucas 2000, but I did a gig with us two group recently tions with low electric guitar and acoustic drums and vocals kind of music especially rock with reggae and I can you just say that its sends: a mdium prcis acute and acute rather dr…