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Hoellstern news

  • Hoellstern Delta 12.2 & Delta 12.2 DSP

    Hoellstern Delta 12.2 & Delta 12.2 DSP

    01/29/12 in Hoellstern Delta 12.2

    The new Hoellstern Delta 12.2 and Delta 12.2 DSP 2-channel amplifiers are available now.

  • Hoellstern DELTA8.4-DSP

    Hoellstern DELTA8.4-DSP

    05/14/11 in Hoellstern DELTA8.4-DSP

    From 4-way monitoring to front PA applications, ASID GmbH presents a new Hoellstern power amplifier: the DELTA8.4-DSP.

  • Hoellstern DELTA13.4 DSP

    Hoellstern DELTA13.4 DSP

    07/22/10 in Hoellstern DELTA13.4 DSP

    The Hoellstern DELTA13.4 amplifier is designed for those users who don’t need the 5,000 watts output power at 2 ohms delivered by the DELTA14.4 amplifier.