Epiphone Casino Reissue
Epiphone Casino Reissue

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 18 reviews )
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tjon901's review"The most famous Epiphone of the 60s"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
The Epiphone Casino was Epiphones first really hit guitar. It is arguably more popular than the Gibson guitar it is based on. It is popular because it was one of the guitars John Lennon was seen with most at the time. This caused many other British bands trying to imitate the Beetles to go and pick them up. These guitars have been popular ever since with people wanting to get that same image and sound. The guitar is based off of a Gibson ES-330 which is pretty much a 335 with P-90s in it. The other major difference is that this guitar is a full hollowbody. It has no center tone block like the 335 does. This makes it more prone to feedback and the single coil P90s do not really help. The body is made out of maple and the neck is mahogany with a 22 fret rosewood fretboard. It has a set of P-90s in it with a tone and volume control for each. They are switched with a 3 way toggle switch. There is a standard tune-o-matic bridge setup on this guitar.


The Casino plays like most of Gibson and Epiphone guitars of the same shape. Its large size means you are reaching around the guitar a bit to play it. Because it is a full hollow body guitar it is lighter than a Dot or 335 but this adds to feedback. This can also cause the guitar to be a bit neck heavy. The neck is pretty thin. It has a profile similar to a 60s Gibson profile. The frets needed a bit of a leveling but that nothing unusual for a guitar made overseas. Any guitar that comes from the other side of the world will need a setup just do to temperature changes during the trip.


The P-90 pickups in this guitar blend well with the hollow body. The hollow body helps give a naturally mellow tone while the P-90 pickups are naturally aggressive. This is a good mix. The great resonance and tone from the body and the attack and clarity from the P-90s means you can get serious tone. But dont go too far because this guitar is pretty prone to feedback when played loudly or with a lot of gain. P-90s are not noise cancelling so this adds too the feedback. Because of the design on these guitars it is very difficult to change out the electronics. So unless you have a really good luthier you will probably be stuck with the stock pickups which in this case arent bad. The P-90s in this guitar sound like P-90s so if you are getting this guitar you probably want P-90 tone to begin with.


The Epiphone Casino really put Epiphone on the map in terms of a top quality guitar maker. The Beetles played these and many other British people have plyed these as well. It is more popular than the Gibson it is based on so that should tell you something. If you are looking for the classic British invasion look or just want a thinline hollowbody with P-90s this guitar can get you both of those things and for a reasonable price.

tjon901's review"The famous thinline hollowbody guitar from the 60s"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
The Casino has been on of Epiphones most popular guitar models from the 60s onwards. It was made famous by John Lennon and other British guita rplayers. It may look like a 335 by Gibson but it is more closely based on the Gibson 330. It is a fully hollowbody guitar with no center tone block like on the 335. This means this guitar will feeback at high volumes due to the extra resonance of the hollow body. without the center block it is louder acoustically than the 335. The guitar has a set in mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets. The body is made of laminated maple and this model has a cool cherry finish. The guitar has classic electronics with a set of P-90 single coil pickups. The controls are traditional Gibson fare with a volume and tone control for each pickup and a 3 way toggle.


Being a hollowbody guitar it has the same problems you will get on any other hollowbody. It has a older style bridge design that can cause a lot of extra noise. The long distance between the bridge and the tailpiece causes extra string noise so you may have to use some muting material in that area. Being fully hollow means that the guitar will feedback when played at high volume so you will have to take that into consideration. This is amplified by the fact that the pickups are single coil P-90s which produce extra noise on their own.


With the right settings this guitar sound very good. You can do anything form Jazz to blues nicely with this guitar. The P-90 pickups are mellow like humbuckers but have the extra single coil top and crispness to them. You can get a good rockabilly sound with a moderate about of drive but too much and you still start having feedback problems. With a bit of drive the P-90s really have a classic sound. I am starting to like P-90s more for classic rock than humbuckers. The extra top end on the P-90s give a very classic sound. This guitar is very loud acoustically and this comes out amplified. You can really feel and hear the resonance.


The Casino is a classic Epiphone model. Frankly it is more popular than the Gibson it is based on because its prevalent use among British guitar players. That really says a lot about the quality difference between Epiphone and Gibson. It is a very versatile guitar and can do all of the classic styles of music. Many of the most popular records of the 60s were recorded with Casinos. If you are looking for a good all around classic guitar or a hollowbody that is easier to handle the Casino has been a popular choice for many decades.

MGR/Bill's review"Epiphone Casino"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
Purchased From Sam Ash Music $599

It seems that Epi's have improved over the last few years. The tuning keys are decent, although not great, but still far better than the past. The sound is quite nice for clean tones, and light drive. It's easy and fun to play, sounds like a champ.

I figured the sound would have been a bit brighter, but it's still quite nice. I'd prefer that the unit had a better set of tuning keys. The binding up the neck is a bit rough, but pretty good.

Not bad at all... Again, tuning keys could be better, nice fretwork, well potted pickups, very good finish... I'm not sure how much I'd risk roughing this up, it seems a little fragle on the body side of things.

At this price point, It's a great guitar. If you want to use heavy distortion, this will NOT work, I guarantee it will feed back like nobody's business. For bright clean jangling tones, or some light drive, it's a great instrument.

For this price, it's a gem.

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MGR/phill's review"Epiphone Casino"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
wanted a hollow body w single coils for the blues and vintage rock sound. Music 123 for 550.00 w case.

I like it all eccept the tuners but they will do.This guitar is flawless. It sounds good without plugging it in for practice. Ihave 6 other guitars but pick this one up the most to practice. I can see why this was lennons favorite guitar. The tone sings and it is great for the blues. Mine is torguise, white binding on the body and neck. With the chrome hardware and chrome p90 dog eared pickups it looks like a 56 t-bird(the car).But its the sound that sets this guitar apart. It will feedback if your close to the amp or in high noise situation.The pickups are reverse wound so you can put it in the middle position and tone down the other pickup to get rid of the noise if you have to.But this is how it is with hollow body single coils.

I have played guitars much more expensive and they dont stack up to this guitar.
If this was lost or stollen I would replace it asap.

I replaced the tunners with grover minis.But I am pickey.

A1 I have seen some gibsons not as good.

If your looking for the p90 sound and want an electric you can practice with unplugged this is it.I have played rock, blues, country with it It is great. Heavy metal no.
I use a strat or a les paul. If I was looking for my first electric(not heavy metal) I would recommend it.I play this guitar the most eccept for a modified super strat. I used a d35 martin to practice with before the casino now I mostly play the casino.I think epiphone does a good job for the bucks.

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MGR/Brian Irwin12/18/2001

MGR/Brian Irwin's review"Epiphone Casino"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
I bought this guitar at Long & McQuade in Vancouver Canada for $ 900 Canadian ($600 US)

I like the lightness of the body and the fact that it has some volume when it isn't plugged in because it is a hollow body. It has a great crunchy tone wich really cuts through, like the rhythm sound on The Beatles' "Revolution".

There is not really anything I don't like about this guitar. It rocks.

This is a beautiful looking guitar as well as great sounding. It feels very solid even though it is a hollow body.

The bottom line is that this guitar gives me the crunch and cut I was looking for as well as being a guitar I can strum in my bedroom like an acoustic unplugged. Now I know how the Beatles got their sound;.

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sigmafranswa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Casino Reissue
In what country was she made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...) Korea seems to me ... t it in 1997 after the serial number

What type of bridge? Bridge Type Tune-o-matic tailpiece with Trapeze tailpiece

Pickups: 1 neck pickup P90R P90T + 1 bridge pickup

Settings: 2 Vol / 2 Tone / Selector


The neck is super nice I think, round and rather large, very comfortable.
Ergonomics are good, it is a body type ES330/335 (this is also the "version" of the Epiphone Gibson ES330 from) so we feel the guitar against itself because the body is large.

The weight is light as HYPER full hollow body (no through-beam to sustain as an ES335 or derivatives)

Access to acute is not the strong point of the Casino because the body handle junction is at the 17th fret, but it's not a guitar shredder, it's still a typical vintage guitar.

The sound is really good, creamy and soft for the neck pickup and dry and slamming to the neck pickup. In clean it very well, and crunch is EXCELLENT (requires P90) to the extreme saturation must remember, however, it is completely hollow (full hollow body) so it is assured high gain feedback. Less than play .. at 100m amp or reamping studio ... (hey, I just thought of it at the moment ... it gives ideas ^ ^)


For the English pop rock 50/60, Beatles, Stones, blues, stoner is the top ...
Played on Peavey Delta Blues is hot and creamy, it lives, and P90 have something very music not found on humbuckers or single coils on, it is part, and c ' is singular.
Favorite sounds: neck pickup clean and light crunch, intermediary clean and crunch, pickup in clean and crunch.
Sounds I hate: no, not even plugged it sounds!


I have since 2005 and it is 1997 (third-hand purchased at an AF guy).
I have not tried a lot of models, but being a fan of the beatles I wanted a natural or sunburst Casino as Lennon, but when I saw the finish Turquoise I cracked (must love, but personally I love).
Q / P: very good at the time paid 450 euros
Oh yes I would do this choice! I keep this guitar for life!
Robin Bourdin12/22/2008

Robin Bourdin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Casino Reissue
I just bought a new Epiphone Casino ("assembled" in China).
I'll give you my first impression.
- 22 frets
- Pickups P90
- 1 slecteur volume and tone for both pickups
- Mahogany
- Body professional standard and pica (magnificent!)
- Varnish pais enough but not too much that reveals the wood grain


The grip is really simple. The guitar is light enough for a half credit.
Handle very pleasing, with a veneer of quality that ensures a good glide.
For my part I have not immediately got a good sound but aprsrglages of filled, the casino Reveals sounds warm and captivating.
His only weakness, small default coating or bonding which are noticed only after long observation, probably due to Chinese assembly.


Before I get this casino I played on a Stratocaster and I finally turn towards the Blues so this sounds more epiphone suits me quite versatile.
I played with a 40W Coxx filled me happy but does not make all the capabilities of this guitar.
I filled the reverb does not succeeds this guitar and I had trouble me dbarrasser.
the casino is really a versatile guitar as it may very well be a blues scale, a little Beatles riffs or "British" with a good distortion.


In conclusion, the report qualitprix is ​​nickel, which give a guitar sounds warm, round and blues and make it sound pleasant.

bengalmixer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Casino Reissue
The Epiphone Casino Archtop Series (manufactured in Asia ..) is one of the Casino rplique 60s, among other clbre made by John Lennon Beatles PERIOD 67-69. We see more and more groups currently use (or more often, according to budget, his cousin "made in United States," better off!) As the Strokes, or Phoenix ...
It's a real half-cash, trs well finished, as often with Epiphone, and all are dtails Submitted, even simple micro-coils and the bridge of era, enough sagrable when to change the strings, but hey .. it's not a Floyd-Rose !!!...


The grip is really enjoyable: it is well balance, or lgre nor heavy, and the handle is extremely comfortable. Ergonomics is vintage anyway, so useless to compare an Ibanez 7-string Vigier or other carbon fiber. Its register is thereby obviously not limit the explosive virtuosity Satriani with this old lady, but plutt use a "bottom" in a spirit pop-rock riffs 60s (very Beatles finally !). I jou on 335, the 3 / 4 body jazz, and the Casino dfend trs REALLY well in terms of playing comfort in the CATEGORY half box of course!


As mentioned above, the record of this guitar is limited and there is nothing versatile; good ???.... I also bought a guitar complment some riffs, but lead guitar, it will soon be in a catalog style: it is the hope you can play :-) rock (but not too modern), pop (but not too modern either) and a bit of jazz, with good rglages, it is not ridiculous!
Bcp must sound the violin, she I think she is doing plutt up against a lot of guitars of the same price / Category. These simple microphones (the P90) trs are individuals and we like or not! the sound is REALLY clear with a good dose of mediums serious and beautiful, but there is no need to bring a guitar on saturated ground is too out of place and it looks like not much (take rained Does a 335 with humbuckers ;-)). As against it is brilliant in all registers of sound clear, especially to play with fingers, and even more in the records of his lgrement crunch for small or arpges Defines good riffs ("Day Tripper, "" Paperback Writer "...). It sounds trs "mid / late 60" and with a good guitar player and especially a good amp (you must impractical lamps and no Peavy to get out of metallic sound raliste) we get excellent things! the microphone is not the most acute of the two, but the combination of acute / grave with a small correction to Eq (effective with the knobs DDIS) provide you with a warm and alive. All with an OVD good back and a good amp and heating arpges of "I Want You" will spend almost as disk!


I have this guitar for 2 years and it is very well intgre my small set (a Start, a Les Paul and SG): I wanted the sound so special, yet limited and I am delighted. It ages well trs, nothing moves, nothing cracked, it still feels the wood and varnish, and the sound is, APRS have looked a little, finally trs warm sound for use "pop rock "or stroll. I obviously do it again this choice, both for the look for her!

Lannes25's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Casino Reissue
Guitar 1 / 4 box made in Korea
Vintage sunburst color
Caisse completely hollow (no center beam)
2 P90 pickups epiphone
slecteur 3-position
2 volume knobs and 2 Tone


Having had only stratocaster hands before, I did not feel lost with this handle is very comfortable. Contrary to a stratum can not descend as low in the handle, however it is still widely acceptable. Being Fully hollow, this guitar is pretty lgre, it is even good balance


So forget about the solid body; carrment is another way of thinking. If you want to play should be reviewed in line adjustments, the rsonnance produced by the body completely changes the situation: the first tunable to ring you made for the second! For not too much gain and scrape a little less strong. For ranges and the rest, the sound is incredible, the fund gives power and depth to each note. Overall the quality of sound is really good trs. As for the distortion, this is not what it is but mieu russi the way to


I possde for a week and I am more than satisfied, I use a Vox AD60VT which fits like a glove. It's a very nice guitar that did trs Permit indifrent person around me. Personnelemnt I waited a long time and I did not t due. I had some other SSAI guiatres the same type: Cort, Ibanez ... but it was worth it s not in my opinion. It is true that the boxes are a bit half a world away in lctrique guitars and is the most that is completely hollow, this style may not appeal to everyone. But for fans of this kind of sound going there: it is for you!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Casino Reissue
I give my opinion among left-handers. Go Casino L / H!


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