Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
Epiphone ES-175 Reissue

ES-175 Reissue, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Epiphone in the ES series.

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All user reviews for the Epiphone ES-175 Reissue

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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James...'s review"Shocked at how good these are"

Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
Got mine on sale. Figured I would try it even though I generally shun cheaper overseas models. Has your typical 175 features. 2 tone 2 volume 2 humbuckers and one switch. Hollowbody design. What more needs to be said? It's a 175. Made in Korea I think. Everything on it is Epiphone.


First off, the finish is great considering where this is made. The body finish is okay but the rosewood neck in particular feels really good. The highest measure of a guitar for me is the "feel" of it. And this one passes that test. I think if I close my eyes sometimes I might mistake this for the real deal. The fretwork is pretty good and the overall worksmanship seems to exude quality. Playability is great after some minor setup work. No big deal there. Some minor hardware upgrades like tuners for instance would be a great addition to this guitar. You can easily turn this into a Gibson killer with a few hundred more bucks in the can.


Now here's the thing. The epi pickups in this are pretty good. I think a lot of players will be happy with them. But in my opinion it's worth spending a few extra bucks on some decent PAF's and replacing them. I just got a pair of seth lovers and shoved them in. Put some tuners on it and you see Huge improvement and now this is a very solid axe. It has that resonant jazz tone I wanted. I'll be keeping it for sure now.


In short, get some new tuners and pickups and this is a jazz/blues machine. Epiphone has really come a long way in the last few years. These guitars are mere upgrades away from seriously rivaling Gibson, which has faltered. If you need a serious hollowbody on a budget, I can't recommend this enough. In the past I wouldn't went with another maker like Washburn or Hagstrom but I no longer see any reason to stay away from Epi for budget hollow fun. Glad I picked this up.
Audiofanzine FR12/10/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
(Originally written by Makos/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
From the serial number I know that it was manufactured in Samick's factory in Indonesia.


This guitar is made for jazz players but it is also very good for blues musicians!


The quality of the original pickups surprised me. I didn't expect such performance considering the guitar's price.

Of course a "57" instead of this pickup would bring better results but the original is still ok...

The guitar comes originally with roundwound heavy strings (I guess 11-47), the chords of a solid body. I replaced them with half roundwound heavy D'Addario strings (13-56).

Now you're talking jazz! You should do the same.


I bought it a few days ago. I'm very happy with it. The overall finish, sound, and its typical jazz presence remind me of a ES175 This sort of instruments at this price can only be made in Asia... You obviously get all Epiphone features.

What does an original Gibson has to offer...? A high-class finish, precious woods, historic pickups, a logo on the head, and a deluxe case. But does that really justify the price difference? IMHO they don't, because you get virtually the same playing feel, sound, and presence. But to own a real ES175 is surely something that justifies (almost) anything.

This Epiphone ES-175 Reissue is a beautiful instrument. I recommend it!

peperezikoss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The heat of the ES175! and if ........"

Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
The model I bought had a label stating "Corea" so ...!

A round brilliant well profiled in "C" key is easy frets are impeccable round and height to achieve the full effects of vibrato, glissando, bend, etc ... (20 frets)
one walks on this joystick is a pleasure, the easel a tun-o-matic with base in wood, metal tailpiece gives the characteristic sound of the ES175,

2 Alnico Classic Humbucker Pickups good, for my part I never had any pb with the microphones, less than or knock it to the butcher hacking I've never seen a microphone let go (those are my Lespaul over thirty years)

It's a comfortable guitar


she quickly takes the place of a woman's arms, her generous curves are sensual is a real pleasure to caress the body.
The cutaway is released (normal is a replica of the Gibson ES175)
the game is up to the last key smoothly, a real pleasure
For my part I have played a small change, I replaced the tuners with Gibson EPIPHONE (PAF Classic 57 +) I took the opportunity to shield the cables with the aluminum strip colante to avoid rejections and magnetic disturbances.
Conclusion of the transaction I will need an expert with a super sharp ear for the difference with the Gibson ES175!
Cost of the operation 210 € 2 mics a bit of my time on guitar + 275 €
€ 485 for a sound that sends shivers organs.
I regret nothing (watch this operation is done quietly with method) I would not recommend brutus chabraques etc., reserved for the meticulous operation.
If need advice!
The replacement of the microphones is not an obligation, it already sounds as well.


This guitar allows me to work on the master directory "Django" in the electric version of his creations
The sounds I get with it are very close to the sounds "Django" was with what I believed to be a Gibson L5 45.
I am not trying to compare but it is nicer for the game to approach the sound obtained by the Master.
Just for fun I play these songs with my Lespaul Artisan Custom III
is something else,
But I prefer playing DJANGO Epiphone ES175 that really surprised me with its warmth I never let go (with the combo valve Senior) is the festival.
With the Fender Deluxe Hot Road, she became a tigress Earlier, the purring like a big cat or a quiet roar of the Wild
We can get this guitar sound palette wildest rockabilly, jazz, blues, she knows everything and no amp, it is almost a super sound, color of sound without amplification makes you want to make it sound.
Electrified is crystalline sounds, raucous, just boust play on the strings and the body starts to bubble, so many positive things to say about this guitar for the price not worth it to do its critical


past 2 years that I have this guitar I try not to make her jealous my other guitars
Since they can not read I have to admit I have a slight preference for the ES175
I love my guitars: Epiphone Broadway (same with 2 PAF Classic 57 +),
my GIBSON Les Paul CUSTOM CRAFTSMAN III, my Jazz Django 1939.
They all sound perfect their sounds are great and I have a slight preference for the ES175! Strange?

Peut'on judge value for money when it comes EPIPHONE?
Can not make instruments of such quality at such a low price
Critics retort that the copy! I would say of course but if I really wanted a Gibson I broke my piggy bank and my wife cry (lol)
More seriously than dream or be enough to take mythology for a jazz or rock star, with the quality of Epiphone instruments it is not necessary to destroy or go into debt to please herself musically.
And when you get sick of it hanging on the wall smack the granny in the poses she deco darling I love watching the reflection of light in its varnish
(I think I'm in love)!

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled."

Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
... course that the title is nonsense.

It is in front of a guitar, hollow body, with two pickups and tone controls TRADITIONAL and volume, made in Indonesia, a country devastated by earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, and desperately need the help of everyone at the moment. So if you have a little extra money, there are collections that are organized ...

... But I digress ...


The first surprise comes later than here. The ES 175 is a good guitar. One might doubt it given the price. But the handle, although a bit dramatic profile, has character in hand. The strings are easy to press, which is almost unique in this price range, and this makes her very easy game. That, again, confusing in its price range or standards will, usually, to the guitars a little harder to play, and often fades in the choice of sleeves / selected species.


Is my great surprise. I thought he had a warm personality and captivating. All on a beautiful body, very healthy and warm, without the "danger" that could be encountered in this price range. Twist the treble nicely without violence when the medium, it is articulated in sufficient to meet all requirements, even pointed.

To use clean, the pickups have demonstrated good skills, which are, admittedly, a bit less than any good mic, but the guitar was not "dropped". The crunch sound was still good, but the microphones here clearly showed their limitations and pickup a little richer would really be in his place.


I am astonished to find a good hollow body in this price category. So, I'll buy one. I often need a guitar to spare the public when it is inflamed and balance of beers from all sides. The handle and the sound does not allow me to "Nazify" my sound when I traded in my White Falcon cons this guitar.

The pleasant surprise of the day!

bullooi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
super easy scratched with a stick and microphone not age very well. has changed then


Sunburn super nice color, easy to play especially for jazzman


Yes, balanced, jazz course.
I play Fender 30w, metallic sounding and it makes far apart


3 years, excellent value for money. I keep all my life =)

Froideval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
Everything has been said about the technical aspects.
It is superb! Finishes too!


The handle is very comfortable for me (not too big, not too fine) and the guitar came very well set. Light guitar, and despite its size, pleasant to hold.

The tuners are very accurate.


This is a guitar to the music "sweet" to me (not just jazz). For distortion is less well ... unless they are light.

The sounds are warm and clear and not mushy (played on a clean channel JCM900 combo). A very musical guitar!


I've had qques hours. This is my first guitar of its kind and I am delighted. It stands on its own. It is a pleasure to play it only on an amp with a little reverb.

You want to play the music that breathe and allow it the place it deserves, highlighting its natural tones.

A beautiful guitar that I highly accessible advice to those seeking simple and natural sounds.

girolas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
I'm pretty ok with the two opinions below.
I stripped away the guitar for customizing.
I expected to redo all the cabling, change the pots ... etc. as usual
but to my surprise it's very well done at the factory, the gear is more than impressive and impeccable welds, so rare guitars in these prices ...
the finish is impeccable as well.
even the mechanical property of Grover ...


the handle is very nice in my opinion, wide but not too thick.
the guitar is light and pleasant.
it is childish to the rule, the handle is nickel, the truss and is effective immediately.
you can get a low action without curling without worry.


I switched on the microphone.
origins but the microphones are not bad for the price!
it is amazing acoustics, it sounds hard but it's not very balanced, well rounded bass and treble very present and warm, pleasant surprise.
indeed, very good sustain and a little natural reverb not unpleasant.
it is actually perfect for jazz, but also very polyvalant,
according to the microphones that we chose (it's really worth it to change them).
I put Bare Knuckles splitablent above and go to the old blues, 60's rock, pop and rock why heavier.


I have and I had lots of guitars ...
and I can say that the quality-price ratio is impressive.
OCCAZ 300 euros for a guitar of this quality! 10!
In addition to this award was not afraid of lugging.
the benefits of a real without the pitfalls of this!

8k3kg3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone ES-175 Reissue
I just touch it ... a bunch of time I pistis ..... but no way to find one ...... its prsentation between the show and its release .... . had to be patient ...

Premire hot ..... impressions and comparison with two other models that I possde ... an Emperor rgent floating Bartolini johnny smith micro and micro Zphyr rgent GFS dream 180 ...... dernires taient these books in case ..... for that i will buy one ......

First eye contact is great ...... ..... .... it requires the template seems to be that of the gibson 175 ....... I have a body width of 90 mm against 75 mm for the Emperor and 80 mm for Zphyr ......
The DGRAD trs is nice and neat particulirement on the hips ....... for the rest you have the picture ...... nothing to add except that it spcial is very well finished .... no default at first .....


Jazz ..... naturally .....


First physical contact ... first of all, changing strings ... .. 13-56 .... fillets flat for the rest, the rglage factory is completely correct .... so no intervention particulire prvoir ....... the handle is quite rustic pais ...... see .... but .... I had an enjoyable trs l gre ..... apprhension the sleeves of my other two guitars frlent perfection ..... but are much thinner .... I go up and down a few lines ..... perfect .... I find my bearings quickly ..... it's all good .......

The game does all the fingers on the balance out, and comprhension of each note, each agreement with the Emperor Galit ..... .... and well above the Zphyr ... how to say .... breathe .... it was clear .... ...... vibrates a projection is more than comfortable .... includes both severe acute that the agreements are perfectly ...... ..... Defines and to sing it a solid left hand and right hand because it prcise ...... the kind of guitar do not you spend much ..... we are in jazz but what fun ...... ...... excellent sustain a note ... phnomne plutt rare on this type of instrument.

Compared to two other models I find this reissue 175 more exploitable than the acoustically Zphyr who has a power and clarity of any template ... probably .... but still n anmoins less "living" the Emperor accusing Rgent dj almost 15 years and whose spcificits techniques destined to the jazz sound .... Listen to the album DUETS Joe Pass with John Pisano ide for a sound that dlivre this "massive" guitar ....... but let our reissue ....

I can link to the passages mdiator ... fingers ..... a rgal ...... I forget that the team is good .... two double Alnico. .. according to the manufacturer's description ......
I connect my cube-30 and opens the knobs .....

In between I note that the path of the control of tonality is not progressive ... trs ct precision ... this is not a. .....

I select the neck pickup ..... I never use the bridge pickup ...
J'arpge agreement ... then two ... The definition is still prcise ..... serious ... and it's clear .... you have to play on the amp. ... this mic is pretty impersonal ... lack of roundness .... it is powerful ... trs clear ..... but can not satisfy an ear accustomed to the exercises and jazz. nanmoins .... it's all done the job .... especially for the price ..... we do not find any printing done acoustic dpart replacement ..... this microphone can be envisaged and should solve this little problem because the same basic sound of the guitar is ..... it sounds good without being trs branch .....

The shot of the little Zphyr Rgent wins the confrontation thanks Guitarfetish it rings of hell, not only in jazz, unlike the Emperor who, with his microphone Rgent floating Bartolini, not knows almost no diffrence of his, if not in power, whether or not branch .. the return is perfect .......
December MOFIF carries current on this guitar it installing a Gibson classic 57 instead of the original neck pickup ..............

Listen to PAR Lamps and ask yourself the question of appropriate to go buy a 175 Gibs worth almost six times the price of the i-...........



The cot of this Epiphone es-175 reissue Manir consquente varies depending on the store and I encourage you learn srieusement .... you will then SAVINGS .... that will allow you to replace the micro serious ..... I personally pay 440 euros .... needless to say that I'm thrilled that price ......

Do not hesitate if you have any questions ......