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All user reviews for the Gibson ES-135

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Gibson ES-135
The Gibson ES-135 is beautiful, semi-hollow body electric guitar. These guitars are no longer being made, but I was lucky enough to try one out when I friend got a deal on a used one. The guitar has two P-100 humbucker pick ups, along with a pick up selector and tone and volume knobs for each, so you're getting a decent amount of versatility here right off the bat...


Playing the Gibson ES-135 shouldn't present any issues to anyone! In my opinion at least it has an absolutely beautiful neck with a great feel. I felt like I could play just about anything on this guitar, whether it be a simple chord progression or a tough lead part way up on the neck. The body and shape of the guitar is somewhat similar to the classic ES-335, but where the neck meets the body it has a single cutaway. Getting a good sound is again a very easy task...


For the brief time that I used the Gibson ES-135, I was playing through a Fender Hot Rod Deville guitar amp with no effects pedals. What I found was a very versatile guitar in terms of what I could do with it right inside of the box. Like the 335, you can get both hollow body type sounds as well as solid body, thicker sounds. It is the type of guitar that will simply excel in any situation that you put it in, regardless of if this will be on the stage or in the studio for you.


Although they stopped making the Gibson ES-135 within the last decade, there are still a lot of them floating around there if you want to get your hands on one. When compared to the ES-335 (which seems like the most likely comparison), it should be able to be obtained for a good amount less. The Gibson ES-135 is simply a beautiful instrument that I don't think too many would mind having around!

gav1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson ES-135
I quote specifications EXISTING

"The Gibson ES-135 is a semi-hollow body electric guitar made by the Gibson Guitar Corporation. Introduced in 1991, it was discontinued in 2002.

With a Florentine cutaway, a trapeze tailpiece, two P-100 pickups (stacked humbuckers with P-90 covers) with volume and two tone controls and a three-way switch. It Had looks and tone reminiscent of the old ES-125 TDC goal was not a fully hollow thinline guitar, Having a feedback-Suppressing sustain block running under the pickups and bridge from the neck / body attached to the base of the body like the ES-335.

The body and neck Itself Were again of building similar to the ES-335, being built from laminated maple goal with rosewood fingerboard year unbound with dot-style cargo position markers. The metal fittings Were chrome-plated, and the p-100s HAD black plastic "soapbar" style covers. At launch, it was Gibson Claimed the first semi-solid electric guitar with a single cutaway Florentine-style in the world "

The presence of P-100 is a perspective, all models are not equipped!


The game is generally very pleasant. The grip is so intuitive and responsive microphones is very apréciables. The access to the treble is good, the cutaway is very comfortable. The general proportions of the instrument are good (very close standarts that made the reputation of hollow / semi hollow Gibson), and the balance of the guitar respected ... No problem to play along live with it!


No mystery, it is a semi hollow Gibson, more versatile than the ES 125, and 175 to my goult. I is not one of those who are bent on P 100 ... Although I am not thrilled with the argument Noiseless P90, I think the color of microphones made him a full-fledged product, to be exploited in such time!

I use it for the psyche typed 60 '... Perfect for that! I play on 30 + AC + ABY Box Orange Tiny Terror, Boss FDR 1, MXR Carbon Copy, Svex Fuzz ...

I was pleasantly surprised at the mastery of feedback for a semi hollow, given the amount of distortion and reverb that I use ...


I played for 2 years, I choose between a lot of different guitars, including 135 different art ... I would say that there is no general case for this model ... I tried some, including the most recent were cold and extremely disappointing, and other extremely well.

An opportunity for around 1500 €, I think it is a very good report quality price, and a choice I would do!

However, like many Gibson, varnish crack over time ...

tiyoune's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson ES-135
A Gibson factory in the United States is the use for the brand. There are only instruments in the quality manufacturer and it is consistent with the RULES (no concern for sries made in Japan, Korea, Mexico, etc. ..) It is not a copy of itself. The handle is round, like a fretboard, what, there is nothing wrong, you get used to rev faster and it's a standard we can play all the guitars in the world when we have my sorting the l. Access in acute is very well for an ES (Electric Spanish), better than on my Strato. The fittings are chrome and did not prick the years (10 years all of the same!). The frets are large, as in her big sisters, comfortable and accuracy is perfect. In any case, it is the right choice, a Gibson and nothing else!


One connects and rings on all the amps, all simply. The microphone is acute and serious rock'n'roll trs trs jazz. (With P 90 but I tried with the MODEL humbucker, but quality is equivalent diffrent ) It's solid! APRS is history of gout and rglage amp. The Gibson pickups, they can be imitated, but they remain the references.
Getting started is easy when you come from a folk or classical guitar. The size of the box is of the same consquente. It is not dpays. MODEL This is not very sensitive to feedback and not "food" no batteries. It works all the time, through the seasons and years with no problem. Companion idalie what!


For blues, it's perfect. The warm sound of the neck pickup (P 90) sounds good on an amp lights a little saturated. The bridge pickup, it accepts a much more distortion.
In his clear is the happiness of an AER amp or a Roland, you get treble, sweet, soft notes las more strident by changing and moving the microphone and Tone on the guitar alone. Low level, do not worry either, it is the balance. Although only a quarter of cash, no amp, it sounds a lot too. It has nothing to envy MODELS certainly more sumptuously apprt, but much more expensive brand amricaine. So for the blues, rock and jazz, an ES 135 is well trs.


I use it for more than five years, there has never been a problem. I did rgler the handle by a luthier (the Previous owner had not done out of the store ...) and plays. I tried Japanese (Ibanez, Yamaha etc ...) but it has nothing to do. Often these are copies "cheap" by the prestigious Gibson MODELS (L4, L5 ES E175 etc ...) The finish is not height and tighten the price, the sound is not either (G Benson A model made to measure). The ES 135 does not have a pearl, gold or veneer wood but it is rare.
made and P 90 are inimitable. Its look is also indmodable, we feel that is not a "disposable gadget." The "Rican" are strong in their fields, it must be reconnatre.
So a super skyscraper whose rating is not usurped. Blessed are the nosy lucky!