mbj335 09/14/2012

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995) : mbj335's user review

«  Incomparable guitar »

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Well this is a pretty simple Es 335 replica of the original 50s


The guitar is fairly balanced, the handle a bit heavy. It is also quite large, fulfills hand, with the touch of radius 12 ", it is very fast.
Varnish the handle tends to stick, it must be regularly cleaned and well polisher ...


I bought it for blues is his domain, but be careful behind the amp, or an amp soft end will explode the guitar needs to be "held" or the sound quickly becomes rough .


Very good scratch grain inimitable but very difficult to master, especially with the saturation. Attention to feedback on stage.

There are no two identical 335 must know ... there are very large differences in the sound, it really is a beautiful piece of violin, so try before you buy is essential!

On stage I prefer to use a strat more versatile, lighter, easier to control, etc..