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jimale 12/03/2004

Gibson ES-335 Reissue : jimale's user review


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1995 United States production of purchase. Color sunburst
CHARACTERISTICS (see Gibson site)
I prfr but good red wine
9 because of the color


Channel trs trs enjoyable play correctly notes at Access in no acute problem. Touch also super enjoyable (we would play for hours and hours).

It takes good agreement trs (mcanique glover) same drawing bends of madness. The tone knobs and volume trs act efficiently and a large variety of sounds good but the sound is the core of any fawn (superb) and also sustain.

Attention to Paul, this guitar PSE weight but with a strap grazing and a little practice goes a balance as it is (more than strato eg).


I play jazz (jazz song), blues, RnB, some rock and country-rock. Amp used: JC120 with SansAmpGT2 and a Roland GP100 (especially for work pieces to the headphone). With the amp clean sounds (jc120 forces) are wonderful. By adding the SansAmp get from trs good crunch "fenderiens" or saturation "mesaboogiennes" good fat.
The neck pickup is my position prfre: very deep bass, the midrange and treble balance well Submitted. (A jazzy perfect).
Intermdiaire Position: nothing to say, it's okay but I must admit I use some
Bridge pickup Position: solos, attack, potato, happiness
I put 9 but in fact I think she needs a little rglage to be perfect


It is a rcente acquisition (1 800 euros paid opportunity, I think the price silent correct). State gnral impeccable. Only in places BMOL the varnish is abm end of the table (I think it's of cleaning with a product not suited and hide microphones and fittings are a mtallique tavel little but I think I was at Gibson's tone rcurrent said. Besides, if anyone knows a good product to revive everything I am taking advice.

Rv I always play on a legendary guitar ES335 if any, and it's done. I am satisfied with my purchase trs. Cest a really beautiful instrument trs, versatile with its movement did not mince words
I did not put 10 - perfection is not of this world - because of the finish, but you'll understand I fell in love with this guitar!