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Gibson ES-335 Dot Figured Gloss
Gibson ES-335 Dot Figured Gloss
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moosers moosers
Publié le 01/29/10 à 18:12
The Gibson ES335 Dot Figured Gloss is a semi hollow body electric guitar in the classic line of ES-335s put out by Gibson over the last fifty years.  Beyond its beautiful appearance, it also has a great make up.  You've got two humbucker pick ups which are '57 Gibsons.  Like most electric guitars, there is a tone and volume knob for each of the picks up as well as a switch to choose between them or to blend them.  The neck is made out of rosewood and really has a beautiful feel.


Playing and using the Gibson ES335 Dot Figured Gloss is a breeze.  In terms of learning how to use everything, if you're got any experience with electric guitars, the make up of this guitar should be pretty self explanatory.  As far as playing the guitar goes, it definitely has one of the nicer playing necks around that I have played.  Its always easy to play as the action is set perfectly (at least on the one I used it was) and I feel like I can slide up and down the neck easily.  The shape has become famous by this point, and weight is on the lighter side.  I've found this version of the ES-335 to be capable of getting a variety of tones for different situations.


While the Gibson ES335 Dot Figured Gloss is a versatile guitar, I haven't been able to find a sound on this guitar that I didn't like.  You can get some perfect hollow body type tones, but it is also capable of getting thicker and more traditional solid body electric guitar tones.  Having both of these types of sounds within one guitar is pretty special as not too many guitars can do that at the level that this one does.  I've used the guitar for recording with a '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb and a few effects pedals, but found that even without the pedals and built in effects on the amp, I was able to get a number of killer tones just between the ES335 and the amplifier.  


If you're reading this review, you probably have some idea of what the line of 335s is all about.  As far as the modern day manufactured 335s go, the Dot Figured Gloss model has one of the coolest looks of them all in my opinion with the legendary sound quality and versatility to match it.  It will certainly cost you a pretty penny, but is meant for professionals and the truly devoted (or rich!) guitar players amongst us.  If you can't afford this, hopefully like me you're lucky and have the chance to do some recording with this beautiful instrument!
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