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Lybrook 04/10/2013

Peerless wizard : Lybrook's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Korea in 2008, custom model, 3/4 body. Played on latout amp maple, bending pearl and ivory, abalone markers, set neck, 22 frets, three Gibson P90 pickups alnico V. Setting a tone with micro switch not knob because three potentiometers can independently adjust the volume of each microphone. (Wide range of possible sounds).
Perfect finish case provided good quality.


Channel pleasant, neither too big nor too thin, light guitar, possibly small imbalance of the front and again. Access to acute correct bone nut.


First guitar for playing jazz and other highly versatile, the P90 is extremely effective, infinite settings. Tested on Peavy 50 w 60w lamps and transistors, clean or crunchy, bass to treble in all styles it goes. Pure acoustic plenty to do too.


A day. I tried the low end as the top of all brands. At this price, in terms of build quality, finish, quality of materials used, sound, etc ... the case Peerless worth seeing this without breaking the bank. She can claim largely hold the high guitars of the same type and much more expensive. I spent the day at the top point of a lamp burn my amp, I tried everything and still so much to discover. I keep and advises the range Peerless fans very very good and beautiful guitars oriented jazz with unbeatable value for money even nine. (This is only my opinion) ^ ^