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  • ADAM F5 Review

    ADAM F5 Review - ADAM Low Priced


    Over the last years, ADAM has become a house name in the studio monitor market. The brand itself has become the symbol of ribbon tweeters. Originally focused on the highest market segment, the manufacturer progressively started to offer more affordable speakers with the A and AX series. Now, the German company goes one step further with the new F …

  • ADAM A3X Review

    ADAM A3X Review - The Tiny ADAM


    An ADAM speaker for under $300? Yes, what used to be a dream is now reality thanks to the small A3X equipped with a 4.5" woofer and the German manufacturer's famous ribbon tweeter. Does it have everything a big speaker has?

  • Adam A8X Review

    Adam A8X Review - The Return of the Ribbon


    It has become a yearly tradition for the German manufacturer ADAM AUDIO to launch a brand new product for the Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt (Germany). Trade shows are meant for that, aren't they? This year was no exception for the trendy loudspeaker manufacturer. The proof is the new active studio monitor speaker A8X that complements the alre…

  • ADAM S3X-H Review

    ADAM S3X-H Review - ADAM X-Rated


    First launched in 2009 at Musikmesse, the ADAM S3X-H is the successor of the jewel in the crown of its previous product range. But is it really an innovation or just an upgrade from the German manufacturer? R&D is back...