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Carvin Studio & Home Studio news

  • New Carvin Concert Series Mixers

    New Carvin Concert Series Mixers

    06/27/11 in Carvin C2040

    Carvin adds two new models to their lineup of Concert Series mixers.

  • Carvin XP800L Mixer

    Carvin XP800L Mixer

    11/04/10 in Carvin XP800L

    The XP800L Stereo 6 Channel powered mixer features 8 inputs and 500 watts RMS (750 watts peak) power from 2 amplifiers in a 10 lbs enclosure.

  • Carvin PM10

    Carvin PM10

    04/13/09 in Carvin PM10

    Carvin is has introduced its newest professional speaker enclosure, the PM10.