Electro-Voice Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Electro-Voice 676

    Electro-Voice 676 - "ELECTRO-VOICE 676 (MY PRECIOUS!)"


    The Doors - Jim Morrison Stage Microphone EV-676 An Electro Voice EV-676 chrome, one of five used by Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek during live shows, rehearsals and TV show appearances by The Doors. Jim Morrison can be seen using an EV-676 chrom…

  • Electro-Voice RE20

    Electro-Voice RE20 - "Worth Every Penny"


    Using the RE20 for podcasts and audiobooks. Switched from Rode Procaster which is a wonderful microphone with a distinctive character that didn't quite suit my voice. The RE20 was a much bigger jump in quality of audio than I anticipated and is very …

  • Electro-Voice 655C

    Electro-Voice 655C - "Great old school omni!"


    The 655C is a dynamic omnidirectional microphone that can be very useful for a number of live sound applications. This microphone was intended to be used in professional broadcast/studio environments so it is quite rugged and built with the quality t…

  • Electro-Voice N/D967

    Electro-Voice N/D967 - "fragile "


    The Electro Voice ND967 is a dynamic vocal microphone that rejects feedback and does a great job with external noise. This mic is made for live performances giving you a crystal clear sound with crisp highs warm lows and smooth mids. No matter what …

  • Electro-Voice RE16

    Electro-Voice RE16 - "If you can find one, BUY IT"


    It is a dynamic cardioid mic and it is equally useful live or in the studio. It's rated at 150ohms and includes a lowcut switch, quite uncommon for a dynamic cardioid mic. OVERALL OPINION Ahhh, the old EV RE16! The thing to like most about the EV …

  • Electro-Voice RE20

    Electro-Voice RE20 - "one of the best all around microphones that I have used"


    The Electro Voice RE20 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioids polar pattern. The casing is made out of steal and you don’t have to worry at all about this microphone getting damaged from a drop/fall. The microphone is built to last a long time and …

  • Electro-Voice RE20

    Electro-Voice RE20 - "Industry Standard" has images


    Great Mic for kick drum and broadcast. This was the mic you hear on kick drums for the last three decades and to this day on most all broadcast radio talk shows. When you add compression to an RE 20 you will hear wonderful things from this mic. It h…

  • Electro-Voice RE20

    Electro-Voice RE20 - BeyondR's review


    Electro-Voice RE20 Classic Cardioid Dynamic Microphone is a recording and live type of microphone that is used world wide. It uses a condenser technology. OVERALL OPINION The thing that I like most about it is how well it captures the sounds, the …

  • Electro-Voice RE20

    Electro-Voice RE20 - "EV RE20"


    I have used the EV RE20 many times on Bass cabinets in live and studio situations with great satisfaction. It is a dynamic microphone with a nice balanced sound, Great in many applications. Also on kick and saxophone it does a great job. OVERALL…

  • Electro-Voice PL84

    Electro-Voice PL84 - Kierkes's review


    The Electro Voice PL series is certainly a series that has almost, in my humble opinion, almost always, almost always deliver on its promises. So when you see a microphone in this line that not only costs nothing more than $40 in the right place, but…