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Kurzweil Studio & Home Studio user reviews

Translated user reviews
  • Kurzweil KS-40 A

    Kurzweil KS-40 A - " Good product but lacks power"


    2x20W, RCA inputs, outputs on terminal, bass and volume settings on the back, on / off switch. Chosen for the value attractive to amplify a keyboard. SOUNDS The sound reproduction is fairly accurate with balanced highs and clear mids. The onl…

  • Kurzweil KS-40 A

    Kurzweil KS-40 A - " A good job in less than 100 euros"


    active speakers studio near underpowered. Obviously, given the size of the speakers, do not expect big bass. But for less than 100 euros, these plays are what they are told, are quite accurate and do not forgive anything. I use them in the studio …

  • Kurzweil DMTi

    Kurzweil DMTi - rick49's review


    The DMTI is a digital format converter fairly universal, with generation / clock resynchronization. It can handle 4 inputs and 4 digital outputs stereo formats, and can route each other very freely through the selectors on the front. These I / O f…

  • Kurzweil KSP8

    Kurzweil KSP8 - kurzaddict's review


    Nice machine that have, in total, with 8 inputs, 8 outputs, eight effect busses (eight stereo or mono or 4 surround5 1 1 + 1 stereo) all fully routable, confusing and re-routable. Balanced input jacks 4, 4 ditto output, plus an ES AES / EBU for use i…