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Crawler, Humbucker guitar pickup from Bare Knuckle Pickups.

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Jumikael's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bare Knuckle Pickups Crawler
I bought a microphone (installed in the bridge position) ago month. Purchased custom shop in Pigalle, I have been tempted in the knowledge that, among the few retailers in France (to my knowledge), it was natural that I boast of their product.
It was installed on an ibanez sas 36 fm, guitar has a very good violin but fairly cheap microphone. Being more a fan of indie rock, genre smashing pumpkins, I wanted a microphone that can balance the sauce, and who does not dig too much like many other mediums humbuckers for a more metal. I have not tested enough guitars and microphones in my life to have an opinion but pro short, my impressions:

. A definition impeccable, each note beautifully clear, plain and saturated and that for me it was more a novelty.
. Suddenly my volume knobs and tone have found an interest, the answer is very clear and allows many variations.
. My microphone is splittable, and precisely, once split by the simple clean sound is sublime, especially for fans of stratocaster. I'm not very good at describing sound, but its quality is obvious.

This mic is a blessing. It's really high-end and it allowed me to get my guitar to a whole new level (also the maker was full of praise for its quality, once the microphones installed). It's handmade, and the pickups it really counts, the difference is there. Finally, it is guaranteed for life. Investing (160-170th unit), but for the duration.

Machek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bare Knuckle Pickups Crawler
While some stats on my crawlers (yes ts the bare knuckle are hand made so there are variations between tjrs all microphones, options, customization options etc. ...):
Bridge: Alnico V, cover browned, about 15.6 kohm of DCresistance
Neck: AlNiCo IV, gold cap, of 7.8 kohms Resistors Dc
All wound in the hand by Sir Tim Mills. Compliments also to Tim who responds to tjrs mails and phone call in record time, outstanding customer service.

So I played in a heavy rock band ( ) and the microphones are mounted in a mahogany LP Smartwood while it is simple they have made ​​a good guitar a great guitar .
Before he was inside the Gibson 498T/490R, although they are deemed good, but there is no longer playing in the same court.
The main quality of this microphone is softness in the treble, while retaining precision and sharp resolution crazy.
This is the foot, before screaming with shrill and piercing the Gibson 498T, I had
to lower the tone and 3 to 4 times the definition is inevitably lost.
Now I play a background tone and the sound is thick, rough, full of harmonious and at the same time aggressive and precise, not twist the ears with any sharp ends and screaming, medium and low are like two big Sucking Sound ... everything I was looking for after all.

The neck pickup is very him slash-santana-esque, sound is very creamy and never pay in the slurry indefinite sound, the microphone is significantly less powerful and packed the bridge, but is still very fluid ... Nickel for my solos are superb and clean, heads the nuances and dynamics breathe ... that's great

The interposition has a 'quwack' apparently typical of the mixture of the two alnico IV and V, which makes it very well in the clear, it is quite sound like her.
I also split it and they are really really useable sounds without being one of those layers are very usable and quite convaincquants I draw from my LP sounds really funky bluffing, not caricatured as I already have the agree on some ibanez.

At last thing I want to emphasize crawlers respond admirably to the volume, it's simple I do not use my lead channel, I decline to clear the handle 5 or 6, I attack weaker and c ' is clear in clear, after we switch to the selector and it's actually much more convenient, fun and addictive as tt was how to manage the sound.

Short in the end, the price is expensive, but it also pays the quality is like everything, so this choice I would do without hesitation, because I am demanding my stuff and question its very picky.
And I advise all those who are throwing an ear or two on the range of Bare Knuckle is super complete, I think he will not regret it.