Bare Knuckle Pickups Warpig

Warpig, Humbucker guitar pickup from Bare Knuckle Pickups in the Humbuckers Contemporary series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
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tjon901's review"A boutique pickup with monster tone"

Bare Knuckle Pickups Warpig
Bare Knuckle pickups is a boutique pickup maker in England. They hand make pickups to customer specs and custom orders. Their pickups come with thousands of options including magnet material wiring and even finishes. The Warpig is the hottest production pickup they offer. They say it offers brutality with clarity and they are correct. The output of the pickup is 21.5k when in the bridge position and 17.4k when made for the neck position. There is no way I can recommend this pickup for the neck position. Even with the output dialed back the voicing of the pickup is not what you would want in a neck pickup. A pickup like this in the neck would provide a sound that is extremely muddy and dark and it would lose Bare Knuckle pickups trademark clarity. Unless the neck position version is voiced completely different that is the only way I would consider using it there. This is probably the biggest sounding pickup you can get on the market. The pickup has a twin screw coil design. The bass and mid response on this pickup is ridiculous. The treble has been dialed back a bit to make the sound thick and huge. The Alnico V magnet helps tame the high end and make it smoother. If the pickup is selected with a Ceramic magnet the mids will be dialed back slightly but the treble will be higher. Because the voicing of this pickup is dialed towards the low end it prefers to be put in slightly brighter sounding guitars. Guitars with a neck through neck construction are ideal because they provide a brighter sound. With a naturally brighter guitar the guitar itself will balance out the low end of the pickup providing a balanced sound. In heavier wood guitars the pickup may give a sound that is too dark and muddy. If you have a guitar made of a lighter or brighter wood and want a pickup to make the guitar sound like it weighs 50 pounds the Bare Knuckle pickups Warpig may be the pickup for you.

Hatsubai's review"Thick and creamy"

Bare Knuckle Pickups Warpig
The Bare Knuckle Pickups Warpig is the highest output pickup that Tim offers in the contemporary line. It’s truly a take no prisoners pickup meant for modern metal. Like all BKP pickups, this comes with a ton of options. The model I tested had an Alnico V magnet, adjustable allen head bolts on both coils, no cover and four conductor wiring.

Those of you looking for probably the most brutal pickup on the market will want to look no further than this pickup. It’s one hell of a beast. First off, this pickup is very thick sounding. The bass is HUGE on this thing. The midrange is also extremely huge, so it slams the amp like crazy. Treble is pushed back a bit to really allow this thing to sound ridiculously thick and smooth. However, this thing also remains tight and clear sounding. Complex chords really shimmer with this thing, and you can truly hear every nuance in the sound. It’s not super compressed, either. I haven’t tried this in split coil or parallel, so I can’t comment on those sounds.

To me, the Warpig sounds best in neutral to brighter woods. I really enjoy this pickup in neck-thru guitars where maple is actually the main tone wood of the guitar. That allows the Warpig to truly shine and show off its low end without being overbearing. In mahogany, it could get a bit too dark sounding, but it all depends on how your particular piece of wood sounds.

If you’re looking for an extreme output pickup with gobs of tight low end bass and a round top end, this is the pickup you want. It’s truly a monster of a creation. Just be careful on what wood you put it in as it could potentially get a bit too bass heavy, in my opinion.

capitaine_banane's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bare Knuckle Pickups Warpig
I use it a few days ago, I ordered it in the shop custom shop Pigalle (trs trs fun in this shop, I recommend) is the same price by ordering direct the site of bareknuckle. 170 euros. it's expensive. But you can have a custom finish, I asked a silver finish to go with my SG. Trs is beautiful!
It sends the wood, with good bass tidy, ca me change the 498 (which was a little coin coin my taste!) Is a micro equilibrated trs I would say, not too sharp not to too low and not too much medium, Tim (of bareknuckle) Me with the given eq: bass medium 6 5 6 acute (in the ratings REFERENCE SD).
It is articulated and trs prcis attention to mistakes, but not fat draft in saturated arpge there are many notes!
Power level, it is powerful! but watch out the closer the strings because apparently these handmade microphones are very sensitive to string distance. There is a problem on the SG type guitars or LP is that the strings are not parallel to the table making a coil moves away from the microphone is more than the other strings, I do not know if it plays its seen in the sensitivity of these micro-micro string distance ...

J'hsitais with Nailbomb, tjs j'hsite and also because I have heard that it might be best suit me.

very very good dynamic mic, not yet tried the split but it will not be long.

but expensive ... very expensive, can be too expensive.

Note qualit9
Price rating: 7