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Humbucker guitar pickups user reviews

  • Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge

    Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge - "Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge"


    I purchased the invader pickup for my Eddie Vanhalen custom Stratocaster that I built. And the power and tone is unreal! It sound's better than Eddie's I kid you not. It even sound's as good as my Jackson JS 32T King V. This is truly an amazing pic…

  • Dominger Pickups Bucking Bull

    Dominger Pickups Bucking Bull - "Excellent for Fender Amp" has images


    I bought the Bucking Bull pickup to drive my Fender Princeton Amp into overdrive more effectively than with my previous aftermarket pickup. This pickup does the job in style! The sound is full, but not muddy and gives me the ringing power chords I ha…

  • EMG HA

    EMG HA - "EMG H: Possibly my favorite pickups... EVER!" has images


    I love the EMG S and SA pickups in my strats,so when I came across an OLD hardwired set of EMG H pickups I jumped on them and installed them in my DeArmond M65. I also installed a Bigsby B5. Well, these pickups transformed this guitar with the most …

  • Duncan Designed Hb-101

    Duncan Designed Hb-101 - "can i buy them of ya mate"


    Im looking at buying them mate i have a greg bennett concord and id love to buy them mate if there up for sale what guitar where these out of and how much i have played guitar for some time now ill pay a good price just for a 101 neck pickup…

  • Seymour Duncan SH-5 Duncan Custom

    Seymour Duncan SH-5 Duncan Custom - "Versatile and heavy in sound"


    I purchased Seymour Duncan’s SH-5 bridge pickup because I received a wonderful Fender Strat as a gift but it had only single coil pickups and I needed something beefier and heavier for the music I play. I had the body of the Strat modified to be able…

  • Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s

    Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s - "Excellent pickup"


    This PU was mounted in neck position on a Telecaster in Open G, blending perfectly with the Tornade MS Nocaster pickup. These Tornade MS pickups can be considered as small wonders if you look for a twangy Telie sound revitalized by the roundness of t…

  • DiMarzio DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary

    DiMarzio DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary - "Nails the PAF tone in my historic gibson"


    After listening to the accoustic clips of Larry Dimarzio's actual /59 les paul, I was astonished how closely it sounded to my Gibson Historic & Custom Shop 1958 Chambered Reissue Les Paul. Perhaps it's the chambering - I've heard that mentioned befor…

  • Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s

    Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s - "Wow, so this is what a LES PAUL sounds like???"


    Winding, rewiring and installation by Marc of Tornade MS. What can I say?.... A 58 Les Paul VOS that finally sounds like it should...:) In terms of use, I've had the opportunity to play in studio with it and you can really tell the change. The …

  • Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s

    Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s - "A specific character"


    I'll be brief about this. I was looking for some pickups for my semi-hollow Ibanez that would combine nicely with an Ampeg GVT 5 (with the volume all the way up) and a OXFUZZ II (germanium), respecting the nuances when playing with the guitar's volu…

  • Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s

    Tornade MS Pickups Humbucker P.A.F '59s - "Terrific"


    I chose these paf 59 for my Les Paul classic because I had heard of the manufacturer. I originally had some wolftones marshallhead that didn't sound bad at all... but these really shocked me! The paf 59 have transformed by Les Paul from a pigeon into…