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Charles Headlee 08/11/2020

GFS Vintage 59 : Charles Headlee's user review

« Not exactly as described »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
Bought a pair to put in a BYO LP body with push pull pots to play with the Jimmy Page wiring. These are described as "four wire with ground" yet they are not. They are shielded two wire with a coil tap. One wire is grounded to the shield, one wire is the signal, and one wire (the tap) is the start/stop between the two coils. This is not four wire.

The base is no longer brass and is not stamped. Got these direct from GFS so no doubt about authenticity.

The impedance measured correct at 8.0 for the neck and 8.3 for the bridge.

The KwikPlug seemed to be built rugged enough and I've read about people with concern for failure. If you build a guitar with these and use the KP harnesses, you should be fine. The only problem that would come out of these is if you use the KP stuff with the intent of changing pickups periodically. It's not there for flexibility, it's there for ease of assembly. Not everybody has a solder iron or knows how to wire things up.

The price is good, but the wiring prevented me from using these. They will end up in an Epi 335 clone which has 10 year old strings right now, so I cannot give an accurate assessment of tone on that guitar.