EMG 89
EMG 89

89, Humbucker guitar pickup from EMG in the Dual Mode series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 14 reviews )
 9 reviews64 %
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 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent

tjon901's review"Split tones EMG style"

EMG 89
With the EMG 89 its like EMG put two pickups in one case and let you split between them. The 89 is like an EMG 85 and a SA put together in one case some how. With most active pickups because of their design you cant really get split single coil tones from them. This pickup changes that. The EMG active pickups use a pair of rail magnets with a built in preamp. As you probably know active pickups require a battery to power them. Rail magnets are better than the normal magnets used in pickups because there is no gap in the signal. When you bend a string with normal pickups the string moves slightly away from the magnet that string is associated with, and you get a slight decrease in signal. With rail magnets there is no gap in detection of the string vibration. With EMG's they can also use weaker magnets due to the fact that the signal will be boosted in the preamp. With the weaker magnets the magnets cause less interference with the strings. The strings are very sensitive to how powerful your magnets are. High output passive pickups can reduce the sustain of your guitar with all the magnetic drag These active pickups run on a battery to power the preamp. You will need a 9v battery in your guitar to make these pickups work. With these pickups you can get your single coil tones with your EMG's. Not everyone uses EMG pickups for metal. Dave Gilmour uses EMG. People who have very large signal path's find EMG pickups great because they do not pickup interference and and they have a strong signal that can make it through a line of hundreds of pedals. If you are just playing metal you might not really need a single coil sound so the 89 would be pretty useless for you but for people with more versatile tastes the 89 is a great pickup.

Hatsubai's review"EMG 85 + EMG SA"

EMG 89
The EMG 89 is one of EMG’s more versatile pickups that they offer. Modeling itself after the EMG 85 and SA, it basically combines both of these into one pickup. It features the same looks as a normal EMG, but this one comes with a special push/pull pot to allow for you to select between the two different pickups inside of this. In a way, it’s similar to splitting a humbucker.

EMGs are great at remaining focused sounding, and this pickup is no expception. Another benefit is that there is a preamp built into the pickup. This preamp allows you to run long cable lengths without having to worry about running a buffer. On top of that, EMGs tend to be very quiet, which is great for battling those pesky stage lights.

The EMG 89 is basically an 85 and an SA combined into one, but it’s not quite the same. They’re very close, but I find the 89 to be a bit more clear in both humbucking mode and single coil mode. I find this pickup works awesome in the neck position. In the neck, the humbucker mode delivers these awesome, fat and smooth lead tones that sing for days. In single coil mode, you get that signature single coil spank, but it’s warm and powerful enough to do the fast legato stuff without having to work too hard. I like this pickup in basically any body wood I try it in, but it’s especially nice in alder.

If you’re a fan of the EMG 85 and want a split coil feature, I highly recommend trying this pickup out. It combines my two favorite EMG neck pickups into one pickup. Keep in mind that you can order this with the single coil either closest to the neck or closest to the bridge. You’ll want to choose accordingly depending on if you have it in the neck or bridge.

jmabate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EMG 89
I play metal for over 15 years.
I played on guitars with pickups (neck position), DiMarzio paf pro, evolution, and Seymour Duncan are all very good microphones.
but since I'm on EMG, I have a more airy, straighter, more accurate and finer grain tighten!

the 89 permits a wider variety of splitable fact that he is single or double, and you can have two config HH HS or MSM HSS on one guitar.

duplicate it looks like without being 100% identical to EMG 85
is a beautiful velvety while keeping the characteristics of EMG, on the playability and expressiveness.

it looks as simple without being 100% identical to EMG SA
Crystal clear is a beautiful and a beautiful shine to light or crunch sounds pretty sweet!

for the price of 1, 2 EMG 89 in the valleys.

heavy_donuts's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EMG 89

jai pos a 89/81 kit on a horizon ESP

I tried to test all taken active pickups, and split and to add more versatility to my config h / h.
the 89 responds the call. purchased 125 electronic, all inclusive.
Adi one is facing a microphone at the lev rate than the average of the range.
Mount in the neck position.
The characteristic of this micro is that fact that it consists of two models of pickups in a humbucker format, 85 and SA. what good design ...
what is done reprsenten like: 85 to the handle and the SA to the stand (in orientation I mean). has noted that there is also of 89R, which is different from the fact that the orientation of the microphones is reversed.
So we have 2 positions thanks to electronics:
normally, the 85
in split, SA
I live this design interpellbr /> with once against Mount I did not t Strongly believes: indeed, the microphone once splitt (so SA position) dborde of medium, not poss ing little or no bass and treble. it was a matter of his very dry, almost identical a middle position. also the volume was more imposing than standard position (85) So rather c'tait rat!
Fortunately a cal conaissance technical Labor me a b system (after email sent to the service emg asking the validity of the test). here is my micro cabl difframent: always the normal position 85 and then 85 / SA // to split.
rsultat volumes are quilibrs, the SA rings with more bass to approximate a single neck.
Videment I'm on an ESP, so this sounds rather modern, it is far from a tlcaster.
the sound is now fully a Russianness, even if i had my galre (apparently no one is in full ...) this microphone responds perfectly my expectations, I absolutely wanted a 81 on my horizon and the 89 remains the only one who can make the split as sh1 that was original. I play in a metal style / rock and grace this config I could approach more reggae, funk and company ...
I put 8 because i namoins had a scare during the first installation ..

Edit April 09: chang there are several months by a sh2

I rejoind the opinion of bagger (below) wholesale i felt the same impressions that ultimately it. I took the Seymours because I find they have more characters.
nice microphone, I hopes to be able to remake me a config EMG one day, but certainly not with this microphone, I will opt for a longer 60 or 60A. it is the only EMG / splittable neck pickup practice, but even when he reffroidi! to see ..

bagger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EMG 89
I used bridge in place of my "85" on my home Vigier Ultra one week to give us a real chance he and I but I quickly turned my back for 85 to its original place ...
What I liked (before trying it) is being able to pass the sound of a "SA" to sound "85".
Well, we will say at once, by buying this microphone if you think you have the sound of "SA" and a "85" you are very wrong because you do neither of the other :-(
I think all those who have had the opportunity to play with a "85" and or "SA" will agree with me, I understand that others can find it in is nice because it is not bad.

In the "double" the sound is pretty hot but it is sorely lacking in niak and it's not very precise either in any case against a 85.
In the "simple" to the limit is better but it's very midrange and not too short slamming is not great but not bad either.
Position in a split with "SA" in / / is very bad while in "double" + "SA" is not bad (go figure??)

Astray by EMG for that I love I will not talk about value for money in terms of her for the rest was the usual quality of EMG, ie top.
However, for the sound I think as there is deception on the goods if we stick to information qu'EMG broadcasts for this microphone.
This microphone is certainly not bad but certainly not a "85" and "SA" at a time (or a "85" alone or an "SA" on its own for that matter).

In any case do not buy this microphone especially not without trying and without comparing it to a 85 and an SA.
I suggest you rather the 81 TW which is very interesting.

With experience I will certainly not choice.

My rating: 5 / 10

alak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EMG 89
Used for ten years = good electrical, excellent sound, splittable, reliable, and more probs with acute loss of long cables!
I tried everything (15 years ago the passive pickups rather taient .... Ingala, great progress since then),
but the active EMG (I use SA, 81.85 and 89) are above the rest!
In addition, SAV = IS REMARKABLE Nouma I live, no local dealer, I told them commandbr /> United States as a replacement knob mine "crachottait" after 10 years of loyal service. ..
APRS 8 days, I got the knob gratos with emg unt SHIRT!!
CLASS !!!!!!!!

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EMG 89
Mount on a Stratocaster type guitar in the bridge position and a trio with a pair of SA, the 89 is a good micro trs.
For more information on the guitar I will tell you the page of my review ( https://guitare-stratocaster.fernandes.audiofanzine.com/produits/avis/index%2Cidproduit%2C109093.html ) .

J'apprcie its grain and double precision mode, slamming his typical synthetic but not in a position splitter. Compare it to other mics is complicated. This is a micro active pain of a middle power and a precision sufficient leve. You will not have a grain of Duncan SH4, let alone the output level of a ToneZone. But against you on hand (and this is true to say) a trs's typical that we like it or not, which allows the tter Gilmour or without dfaillir Knopfler. Do not look for tter literally, is an expression ...

Returning this microphone, I use it happily in the bridge position.
To the question you ask yourself you who love the MIDI mtaaaaaaal, yes you can play with but no it is not the EMG 81. The 89 is much warmer and rounder and less sharp. That said I do not deprive me of lands m'garer mtal of violent screaming, and even more often on the banks of the Indus (had to do right?) ...

On my next guitar, a priori an eclipse, there will be a 89, but this time the handle to the tempra 81 Svir that the easel. With the split thing.

This microphone is respectful of your stringed guitar but his personality possde particulire trs. We like it or not, but it is a micro indniablement exceptional.

xheavyxfuryx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EMG 89
Hi all I ... Me playing on a Gibson Les Paul Custom and I still have the origins microphones while I do heavy metal ... It is clear that I want to EMG! I am already on the 81 bridge position (cehvalet), but I'd like it better a 85 or a 89, because he happens to me anyway to play fairly soft things or a single coil is welcome .. . Thanks in advance!

Ffouchard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EMG 89
I am 89 with two coupled SA: The preferred combination of Mark Knopfler (with the 85 is strictly equivalent to its side) on his favorite guitar (Suhr pena).
The sound is simply divine! Listen Mark Knopfler, you get an idea of ​​the sound. Advice, add one or two knobs like EMG EXG and SPC.
I ca give me a range of sounds out of this world, hot, cold, crystalline fat, and above all very very very good.
I sound Guilmour among other things, without forcing (even artificial harmonics last, last last ...)

I remake that choice without a doubt.
capo jordison02/19/2007

capo jordison's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

EMG 89
Hi to all I would like to have your have on the mic and he very heavy? I'm in a group of Mtal and I need a micro height should you put the microphone in the neck position or easel? J'site also take a micro emg 81 and I was advisable to put in place manche.Et my choice of micro pencherai for clear di marzio.En I need for powerful micro So Mtal a very heavy sound and a microphone that can scream my guitar. veiled thank you for your answer.