Behringer Vintager AC108
Behringer Vintager AC108

Vintager AC108, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the Vintager series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 11 reviews )
 5 reviews45 %
 2 reviews18 %
 4 reviews36 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Matosman59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great amp for work and Records."

Behringer Vintager AC108
1 12AX7 preamp lamp
And the lamp is not there to decorate, but does its taf.
15 watts rms .... The true watts as it pushes the guy
Few adjustable treble and bass master gain
Next to this switch for 2 channel and the Sture, who acts on the amount of low medium


Simpler you die.
The clean channel is very good either with the switch of medium Inrush or not.
The popping sound when with him .... You have to work a bit more.
Let's say from 0 to 12 on the gain, we are moving from a light overdrive to overdrive straight forward.
From 12, it is a overdrive pushed to extreme, and we have a fuzzy overdrive sound.
The gain in depth, and we have a dirty fuzz, but not unpleasant.


I took this amp for quiet work at home.
Or there was my surprise when I c is stuck him an overdrive.
The overdrive channel has grown immensely, and sounds very large despite the small hp.
Frankly, J stays on cl!
It accepts super well any type of pedal and even simulators are welcome.

the amp possesses real low with a small bowl, and aquamarine are not aggressive like most amps of this price.

It reminds me a little fender hybrid, but I have to admit .... In the best!
Strange, but it's like that ....


Usually I don t like the Behringer products, but now I'm seduced.
D Besides this amp is the same as the bugera bc 15 rebadged, but cheaper than 40 €.
The value for money is excellent, especially for Cygnus (40 € for mine).

ricoute's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not terrible ... even OCCAZ!!"

Behringer Vintager AC108
12AX7 preamp and a power transistor circuit

a priori 15w

a double volume shift position that allows so bare / uk

no effect


config could not be more direct

no manual, but who used a guitar amp: classic

the sound is clean .... see below

The big problem is very troublesome hum e npause game, showing the construction immune to bad shielding material and a transformer a little itty bitty globelement very eco although construction and finish are good


it is almost versatile peru

the sound is pretty transistor, despite a slight heat, but the sound remains fairly rich.

position shift allows more or less of the medium us> uk is interesting e nMore of classic bass / mid / treble

It sounds pretty boxy on the bones nclair any drive / saturation a good level of saturation, but overall a grain any

it seems PC market with some 60's trat my Epi pauls the special (the latter uses more amp but not e nbien!


I bought it used, but fortunately have kept very short time and sold quickly, I'm used to full hp lamps with a 12 'and also very demanding of his matter, I largely misled by buying it must recognize and therefore no comparison

It does not demerit, his hum is huge to the point that might think it is a defect in the sample tour, but it seems that this is a default + / - recurring! General

R / p / q is relatively poor

Even at a modest price OCCAZ, better buy something else!!

So you understand, I not only recommend it but more remake this choice, it is only justified for débutnat not wanting to invest too much is not the worst amps (vox & 4 ac3 the much more expensive m 'bcp were more disappointed!)
YoucasteY production09/12/2012

YoucasteY production's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Far from what we can imagine ..."

Behringer Vintager AC108
This is an amp and preamp lamps transistor amplification.
It has a clean channel and a drive.
Level knobs:
Clear channel: Master
The drive channel: Gain, Level
Equalisation: Bass and treble Mid-shift (button) digging medium but I would say most medium to lower border of the grave.
There is a jack input (cd input), headphone output and 3.5 mm line input to play your music.


The configuration is simple you turn the beast on the right to a big plop! (Like when it is off)
sound takes a few seconds to arrive ^ ^

and we can finally play ...

So there

In the clean sound is very big but not very accurate by activating the mid-shift it gets better, although for me this button is used to simulate the sound of British amps as they say ^ ^

One thing that I quickly down,
be the next vintage, I had to push the beautiful clean thoroughly at bottom, no crunch but a very large compression along the stroke of the knob.
Basically if you want to play with a lot of nuances, the transcribed it wrong.
on the other hand I must admit that the volume up sending it hard even if it is clean there are a lot of volume.
For high volume against it vibrates a lot.

In saturated channel, like the start of the race it is enough even clan forcing no way to do so cruncher same problem with the clean.

The crunch is found in the fourth race and half until it is correct, it is the most accurate.
Beyond this is a slurry without definition, the sound becomes supercharged and it means even worse record.

Proof here is a test I did at the time:

(Do not pay attention to my level of guitar I was not very good)

Just listen to the sound and you'll understand what I mean.


This amp has no character finally it is better to play it with a multi-effect is the best.
To return to the crunch weird, I found a very simple solution but worked well, was to attack the amp eq pedal by removing serious boosting the medium well I had a better crunch and by boosting the treble, I simulated a more marshall (from afar, of course) but try this technique you will find that it becomes clear sound and fun to play and already waiting for you ^ ^.

Forget about the headphones, the sound is 25% wind and 75% of its unqualified tiring for the ear, but especially without any simulation HP.
So instead of a baffle to believe it has to do with sound totally naked.

I would also add that for player input, there is no setting flight.
everything is set to the player and I highly advise you to blunder because the sound is much boost and if the player is at the bottom you will take a leap!


I used 1 year without me and I was even attach quite disappointed at the time.
However, I have convolutions of this amp to keep in mind.
He snores a lot when even then I changed lamp with a tung-sol I just won a small gain and loss of snoring.
This transformer must come too I think without me knowing either.
For the price, it's still amazing because there are much more expensive amps and sounds like crap.
In any case for this kind of amp should have a multi-effects for not getting tired quickly (so try my technique mentioned above), because after the volume level even when he spits hard.

I have left and I do not remake this choice.

victhebig's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Vintager AC108
Tube amp
Power 15 W
Connectivity: instrument making, making CD / line input, headphone
(Too bad he has no footswitch, because the drive is AWESOME).


Simple configuration, manual unnecessary.
The good sound is easy to obtain, especially by adding a chorus pedal or reverb.


I use it mostly in control = Max Drive. / / GAIN ON / / Shift activated
Bass = 15h
Treble = 10h
Level: depending on the neighborhood lol
It's true the drive is great, with a small tube side is hell: this is a loud sound, hot scene. I expected it, considering the price ...
the sound is typed Metallica, Hendrix, Nirvana, or, according to my wishes now!
Marshall? JCM 800 if not, I'll choose the little Behringer thousand times!
LIGHT OF HEAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!


I use it a year ago.
I miss him too much of a pedal to switch clean / drive...c has would have been perfect with it!
Yes, the thing with pest sometimes, but not because I push the volume is good. Should also reduce the bass a little (a little) and treble (much), and especially to enable the shift which demonstrates the crunch!!

Note °: The years passed, the 1st AC 108 has been thrown into the pubelle, and bought it recently ... They finally changed the speaker for 30W, which collects more!
With a RAT I have everything I needed! It inspires me and it's just fun. I almost never saw my fender income. The small behringer saved me.

vince107's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Vintager AC108
- Preamp tube ... see above there ... not a single regret medium setting ...


- No need of manual ... simpler settings.


I was looking for a small amp to play with me ...
Then, I tested this amp first in store, with the original lamp ... I actually had a buzz after some time ... for the actual sound, this is the amp that I ' I preferred in this power range ... I tried a roland cube 15 x 15 tb a Ibanez and another behringer to modeling, I do not know which .... being perfectly honest, the cube I roloand turned it off after 5 minutes, I had wanted to fire him after 30 seconds ... idem Ibanez within seconds ... with behringer modeling, I finally began to regain the sound of my guitar ... with the AC-108 that was confirmed, a touch of warmth and more .. and buzzz ... not really disturbing, especially since I already had the idea, if I took this amp to replace the lamp! I expressed my opinion to the seller who seemed to wonder if I had not crap in the ears ... I confirm, no, I have none! I decided to buy the amp, on an online sales site veeeeeery known ... I also ordered an electro harmonix lamp .... 68 euros amp + lamp + shipping .... so that 'store the amp (with the original lamp) was 123 .... I had a little apprehensive replacing the lamp ... did not test right now my new amp customized with MA guitar (setting at the luthier) tried once with squier ... more buzzz ..... then I just grab MA guitar, an Ibanez have 103 ... not only more buzzz, but the sound is waiting for you! I adooooooooooooooooore !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satus big fans of death metal made in, forget it! in my opinion! ... but for those who love vintage sounds of 50-60 years, or even 70, clear, warm, knowing that it is a 15 watts and you may wake your neighbors or the block, rush the beast! and understeer lamp ... I put 9 because of buzzz of the original lamp. 9.5 with the new lamp ... because there is certainly still room for improvement ...


With my Ibanez AS 103 newly adjusted (endless fun!)? ... for 3 hours.
I just regret setting the medium but playing with the knobs of the guitar and the amp, I find my happiness. I have connected a reverb pedal, it gives a little extra.
I've plugged my guitar on a lot of amps, transistor, lamps on software amps .... obviously on a whole 100-watt lamps, there is no photo! but comparing with other 15-watt combos and knowing that I did not want to blow the windows of the building and my main concern was to find a low power amp, clear and warm and sensually crunchy, then I say yes I would do this choice eyes closed! Uh think anyway to change the lamp, it gives another more ... the buzz was tiring in the long run ... and sound gaining clarity and heat.


Added after more than one use, the lamp farted ... my ace-103 was stolen ... am redeemed me from af-125, not the same thing, too typical jazz ... I m ' separates .. and radically changes course, although I like the Lag (two acoustic increased my hands, only the "Gibson Lennon" had something more, but the price is not at all the same) roland cube 30x suits me too.
Come on, 6.9 ac-108 if you like tinkering;-)

jcteissier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Vintager AC108
Amp pretty "vintage"
preamp with a 12AX7 tube - A
transistor amplifier
15 watt
guitar input, cd input, headphone output.
2-band EQ, bass and treble and the shift button to dig the media
clean channel and switch overdireve, the slight crunch to the distortion enough Hard Rock
and a master volume.


Very simple configuration
rather traditional (little knobs)
The manual is quite clear


This amp is well suited to my style, that is a little amp with good sound "tube" to play at home, cheap.

I play with a Epiphone Les Paul Std, Squier Showmaster MSM, Marshall MG10, transtube15w Peavey, Digitech RP50, Korg ax10g.

The clean sound is bold for my taste, I find the heat tipe amp "lights", the saturation and it is not bad, but it's still pretty hard rock. Standing a buzz when the ignition ...

I replaced the 12AX7 tube A (China) by an original Electro Harmonix 12AX7 in "audiotubetech" (thank you misieur Gillou) and the sound is just great: the sound is crystal clear, the gain 1 / 4 the great crunch, 1 / 2 Hard Rock, 3 / 4 we aproach the JCM800 and gain a background, the sound becomes a little Metal, but for me it's pretty ...

0 buzz with the change of light, the sound has nothing to do, genial!


I use it for 2 months
Compared to my Marshall MG10 Peavey Transtube and is not that bad!
I find heat lamps though this is just the preamp.
The money is really good with the small change (21 €) its great!
ouis, I do again the choice!

espelette.peppe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Vintager AC108
Grapefruit hybrid amp 15 watts lamp and transistor amplification, HP 8 "vintage"
Between a guitar, a CD between a headphone
1 master volume, a gain by a switch activated, a serious and an acute and a switch to dig the mdium


Extremely simple configuration, ease of rglages, thundering sound for this price.
comes with a big manual plutt explanation for beginners, but do we need a manual?
if so just for the photo of Mr. Behringer


This amp should just do what I expected is to say a little amp with a good sound to play in an apartment or take them to avoid travel to lug the big Fender, cheap and with good clear sound .
I play a clean sound and I am surprised rsultat drisoire for a price, I sound the same power and quality is at the appointment. I tried it with guitars Duesenberg Double Cat and Carlton and the amp does not dnature characters guitars.
I tried the saturation and it's not bad at all even if it is not the sound I'm looking for.
good varieties of tonatits from light to bold, lightweight overdrive saturation mtal, it seems able to do everything. thundering

edit from April 2006, I replaced the original HP with a 4 ohm Jensen C8R found in and it's just gnial, the sound has nothing see, the HP costs 39 euros but the investment is worth it, the sounds are crystal clear, the super crunch, it almost like a Fender Champ


I have this amp for 1 year, I found the heat lamps though this is just the prampli. I think your exact more Russian than the Marshall Valvestate example.
The report quality is unbeatable prices, 55 euros Thomann, a shot is not deprive yourself and for the price this amp is gnial.
with the experience I ever did the same choice twice a plutt ... and twice it's Stereo.

April 2006, changing the HP see above, for 100 euros including HP is the top
Cass Lynyrd12/31/2005

Cass Lynyrd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Vintager AC108
See below.
It is quite pretty, I think with this little retro look, and not too plastic.


Simple, yes ... plutt There is not a lot of buttons, so the settings are quickly seen. As against this medium does not adjustable, and the shift button does not replace it, even if it is effective.
As for the manual, I found it fun to read, that's it.


It should be my style of music, rock, but I think the clean sound is pretty nice even for jazz.
I play with an Epi Les Paul Custom and EHX multiple pedals, and you get nice sounds trs. I think the minutes of the Big Muff on this amp is the amp transistors diffrent I know, and much smoother for solos. In short top.
Cons are obtained by plutt sounds good fat clear is that the bass is trs Submitted and even when a lamp gives its hot enough, it does not just decor (Manir any one see it.: D)
But the problem is that the sound is enjoyable with lots of bass on this amp, but it is quickly tiring trs for the ears, too "heavy", after a moment j 'have your head buzzing.
Of course there is the shift key, which results in large part to cut the bass to the delight of my ears, but then the sound loses its warmth ... ct
In résumé:
Without the shift key, its pretty "hot", but tiring.
With the shift key, its banal.
So once the joy of Discoveries nice sound on an amp so cheap, I find now that this amp is tiring to play in the long run.

Saturated sound is nice, but since there is no foot switch, I prfre my good old big muff.


I use it for 4 months
Compared a small fender, marshall, line6 or H & K, the sound is diffrent trs. The clean sound is warm and fat, I think it is better a Les Paul has a Start.
The quality price is really good trs, because "50euros, we have a portable amp, with his lamp (yes even when a little!), But I feel good even when difficult amp make it his principal, for he can against a transistr trs complement the sound as clear and friendly enough DIFFERENT.
Sound a little tiring long nanmoins and an amp that reveals its default high volume, so use me quietly at home.
But happy!
PS: note a permanent buzz ds ignition, not trsdrangeant but ... Submitted

alexba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Vintager AC108
Amp hybrid. Tube preamp (12AX7) .15 watt.reglages basic: severe acute mid shift button (action on the medium), gain, headphone and ente cd.La quality production is remarkable for an amp of this price ( 50), CABINET MDF, coating and pretty much over, it's far from cheap it is rather upscale.
I could not resist the urge to open it, the lamp is mounted on a ceramic suport. Industrial manufacturing is (necessarily at this price is not wired up) but Soignes trs.
its a amp that does not deny the Germanic origins.


Use extra simple considering the lack of effects. Simple but effective (this is what I prefer ...).
Plai me sound a lot, very round fat. As the name suggests it is rather vintage, so rather type blues rock and even old school jazz.
The gain potentimetre lacks a bit of progressiv, especially at the end of the race. Mid control aurra and better since the shift key.
The manual is of little usefulness it may be noted, however, the translation rather "special" that can make them smile.


C'ezst for me exactly the style I was looking for sound, I am totally satisfait.Les fans most modern metal sounds may be deus (albeit with a pedal ...)
I play with a guitar Jim Harley (do not laugh ...) style fender (Showmaster) so not great if rather basic, and sounds are nice. Its makes you want to change the scratch.
Small trend hum, probably due to the filtering cappacites pokey, but nothing too bothersome.


Really very good product, both in the quality of manufacturing that has made sonore.Je advise anyone who wants to start (they have a good sound that is motivating) and other: the second amp, travel, studio, exercise. Or just like me, the less fortunate ...

blackwidow642's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer Vintager AC108
- Transistor amplifier, with a lamp prampli
- 15 watt (may be a little more)
- Between guitar, among cd, headphones.
- 2-band equalizer bass and treble as well as a shift button to remove mdiums
s'aurait t mieu with a third knob but ... Channel overdireve Alant of lightweight crunch has hot fat distortion and volume gnral.

A knob and reverb would mdium t welcome, but the price is not complaining.


- The config is very simple given the number of possibilities ...
- The lamp is Submitted, Global Warming sound even if you have to wait 15sec before it heats up.
-The manual is really useless except for beginners who do not know what the volume ^ ^ but it gives no rglage but the stickers are nice: D
-But I n'arive not find "my sound" in the clear I found but not yet possible distortion is too dull or too garish probably due to lack of knob mdium grr

It's just a shame that the amp "purrs" a bit but its still not the only drang when playing ...


So first I bought this little amp for my cheap ibanez tb25r was too big to lug around to go in and I bought it to complete my amp sound that has more modern, less "vintage" (even when not too vintage too).
So his level:
-Plain: its pretty hot thanks to the lamp is not for nothing, the sound is good enough but not too prcis lens even when the speaker is a behringer trs cheap.
Disto-in: from lightweight to the crunch distortion very greasy but good, everything is in the title: Vintage => was a nice clean and good crunch for blues, rock "nice" but his pass mtal much less is not modern enough, aggressive enough but I have my ibanez for a, but that leaves the ds we get a nice crunch species of synthetic clutter quite bizare.: S
I play every style of rock and my amp is complete trs well.
The amp is not terribly Polivalente but with the foot pedals would ...
Power level I do not know me like a lot but even when in a group??
(8 / 9 with pedals)


I have a few hours and I'm glad trs I m'tait information on the Internet over and I'm not at all the.
I like the heated probe, the lightweight crunch, the overdireve fat ...
The report price is exeptional quality for 65euro is not a complaint, the price for some crooks trying to sell you stagg amp 8w dtest music that would make a deaf man.
With the exprience I probably do it again this election is about the price, and I needed an amp "trip" and more complte my tone, however, would require a PDAL of distortion to make it more Polivalente because of the overdrive rather limited.
In addition, the cd comes to me like trs interesting to play these pieces.
So a trs good choice for a limited budget ...

+: Money
-Clear sound
Backgrounding gnrale

Disto-(or should I find my sound is a PDAL I type it)
-Lack of knob that mdium prtube beacoup in rglage when you're used to in
have a shift button and a little foireu

I put 8 in the ratio quality price, but it's a shame he purrs, and the distortion grows too is a little uh ... plastoc

If you have any questions or comments:;)